Big Fingermark Snapper on light tackle…


Date: 23-01-05    Time: 0130am.    Rod: Loomis n Franklin Classic 12ft.   Reel: Abu sport rocket 6500    Line: 20lbs mono.    Rig: Single hook short snood bottom feeder.    Bait: Cut squid.

After two night at the jetty without any catch, decide to go to this spot to try out. Reach there around 9pm n set up two rod with short snood single hook bottom feeder rig. Tide was already midway up n current was good. Around 1130pm, saw one rod tip have alittle rattle n decide to check. Wow! heavy at the end of the line n once in awhile it struggle abit. In my mind thinking it was a conger eel. But when i surface it. Ha..ha.. it was a big puffer fish about 3kg plus. It swallow my hook deeply n I can’t unhook it. No choice, I released it along with the hook. By now the weather is getting cooler n windy. Thinking that tonight might not get any good fish , i already thought of packing up early. Then come 0130am. While looking up on my rod, suddenly i saw the rod on my right side bend down badly. I manage to grab hold of it before my reel alarm goes off. Strike! n yes. I can feel its something good there. This fellow move n turn fast. It take my light surf tackle to it maximum. After a few deep dive n fast turn, I manage to surface it. Yes, it the one that I have been targeting for a long time. Big fingermark snapper. It was too heavy for my rod to flip it up. So I tired it out n use my hand to pull it in with my main line. It weighs around 2kg plus n my personal record on fingermark snapper is still stand at 3kg.(See catch photo above)

My first fish caught on year 2005

Date: 01-01-2005   Time: 10am to 2pm

I was force to abort my trip last night due to raining. It also start to rain early this morning so can’t go until about 10am when the rain stop for awhile. Immediately headed for Bjt as the tide was coming up. Reach there n set up my two rods n the rain started to fall again. Have to set up my fishing den to take cover. Somewhere near to 12pm, one of my rod alarm go off. Have to come out to strike as the rain keep falling. A todak was seen jumping up the sea surface n was easily landed.  My first fish on year 2005. Oh ya! It was on cable car method with live bait again.