2kg Fingermark Snapper landed…


Date: 29-05-2005   Time: 0200am   Rod: Loomis n Franklin Big game 12ft.   Reel: Abu 7000 Red   Line: 25lbs mono.   Rig: Single hook long snood bottom feeder.  Hook: S/S Long shank size 4/0   Bait: Fresh squid(caught on the night before)

Reach location at around 8pm and the tide was at the lowest. Set up two rod with difference long n short snood bottom feeder rig. Bait casted out was fast disappeared. When the tide started turning up, the current flow was very slow. Nothing happened until the tide started to turn down. The first was when my loomis classic rod tip has a nop and the line went loose. I strike and wind in a small marine catfish. While I was trying to unhook it, suddenly the other rod alarm scream. I throw down my plier and strike the rod. Ho ho.. something good is at the end of my line which I can feel it. It gave quite a good fight on this slim loomis big game rod. This fellow made some deep dive with left n right turn before I able to bring it close in. What a beautiful snapper when it surface on the fast flowing water. As the water is high, I just grip onto my rig body and lift it up. It weigh almost 2kg and is my second snapper within two weekend.

A surprise catch…


Date: 28-05-2005    Time: 0300am   Rod: Penn Powergraph Surf 12ft.    Reel: Penn Jigmaster 500L    Line: 30lbs mono.   Rig: Single hook long snood bottom feeder     Hook: Long Shank size 4/0     Bait: Fresh cut squid

Went there early around 8pm. Tide was comimg up and the current was smooth except the sea surface was abit choppy due to the surface wind. Only set up one rod as to left some space for two of my buddy who joint me later. It was getting more crowded as some regular angler started to arrived. Fresh squid was spotted but was at deep water level and not easy to catch. Instead, I used squid jig and manage to landed some. Bait casted out was quite lasting but no taker. After the tide started to turn down, a few small marine catfish was seen landed by some angler there. The down current begin to move faster and faster and line casted out has drifted to a 45 degree angle even with grip sinker. It was around 3am when my line was tangle by another angler line that I decided to wind in and also to check on the bait. Suddenly, I felt something was struggling at the end of my line. Without thinking, I striked and it started to take out some of my line that I realise I have hook up a stingray quietly. The fast flow current quickly push it down stream and made winding back line more difficult. But after a few hard pump on my rod, I bring it up to the surface and got one of my buddy to hold on to my rod while I get ready the gaff. Upon landed, it was a female long tail brown stingray weigh at 3.8kg. What a surprise catch. See catch photo above.

Line loose with Big Snapper

Date: 23-05-2005    Time: 10.30pm   Rod: Penn Powergraph Surf 12ft.   Reel: Penn 155 Beachmaster   Line: 25lbs mono.  Rig: Single hook long snood bottom feeder.  Bait: Cut frozen squid    Hook: Long shank size 4/0

Went to BJT around 9pm, It was very windy and crowded due to good weather and a public holiday the next day. Upon seeing this, I decided to fish somewhere else. After some mind sorting, I decided to try out this spot again as it would not be so crowded. After loading everything up onto my mobile home again, I headed down. Reach there around 10pm and set up two rods. One with a long hook snood and another with a short hook snood. Both are on  bottom feeder rig. With only six frozen squid which I bring along(initially thought of fishing at bjt), I cut it into two to save on bait used and casted out. By now the tide has just turn down and the current flow was good. I was sorting out something when I turned my head to look up at the rod tip and saw one of the line gone loose. Quickly I picked up the rod and struck. Ohh…. something heavy at the end of the line but with little struggle. Oh no…while I was winding in the line, my mind was guessing, could it be a conger eel, a tie knot eel, a puffer fish or a big plastic bag???? The feeling was just the same with all this fishes when hooked. The gear ratio on my Penn 155L reel was only 3:1. So it’s abit slow but easy on winding in. When the fish was near to the sea surface, suddenly it make a very deep dive downward. Hoo-ray….. I know the answer. Yes, it’s the one I am targeting for. It made another two deep dive before I was able to surface it. Yes, a golden colour with shimmering shining body fish appeared on the water surface. After comfirming the hook is firmly secured, I used my rod to lift it up as the water is still high. Ya…. A big fingermark snapper about 2kg plus landed. What a blessing in disguise.

A very productive night.


Date: 21-05-2005 to 22-05-2005    Time: 11.00pm   Rod: Penn Powergraph Surf 12ft.    Reel: Penn Jigmaster 500L    Line: 30lbs mono.   Rig: Single hook long snood bottom feeder     Hook: Long Shank size 4/0     Bait: Fresh whole squid

After a evening heavy rain the weather was cool and moist. I was undecided which spot to go. Luckily my friend call up and say it was not crowded at bedok jetty and ask me to joint them. Reach there around 8.30pm and the tide is already at the high. Tonight there is no wind and the water was very calm. Quickly setup everything and casted out the bait.. Suddenly one of my friend reel alarm sounded and he striked. From far I can see his Penn slammer rod bent like hell. Ohh….! this is something big… I went over and saw the fish was stripping out his line. After just awhile it stop and was stuck at the bottom. We take turn to put pressure on it by bending the rod but there was no responed. Oh no, the fish could have been unhook itself during the run and the sinker or hook may have got snag. No choice, we put the rod on a rod stand and wait. Not long after this another of his reel sound and he wind in a 2.8kg barramundi. Then suddenly my rod alarm also have a short scream. I wind in a 2kg+ threadfin salmon. Haha, what a exciting night. But the strike doesn’t stop here. A 1kg+ brown dog shark was caught. He missed another barramundi around 3kg when it went under the jetty. A 1kg+ threadfin salmon was also landed later in the early morning hour. Other anglers there also caught a palmsize fingermark snapper, a big mouth eel type catfish 500g, a 1kg+ puffer fish and a nice size batfish. What a rare productive night here. See my catch at top picture. Photo of the barramundi can be seen at photograph page IV.