My Lucky Night

Date: 22/23-10-2005

My initial plan was to go to bedok jetty to get some fresh bait. But I was oversleep n had to change my plan. I call Ron to meet me at the spot instead of joining me at the jetty. After a quick dinner, I grab some frozen baits from my freezer n headed down.
Reach there around 7.45pm. Start to setup my tackles. Ron arrived a little while later. The tide is still going down n there is no current flow. I casted out the two rods while Ron is still setting up his tackles. After 15 minutes, I check my bait n found that its fully gone. This dampen my hope further of hooking something beside tonight slow current n low tide. I notice to create a better chance of a hookup, we have to change our bait more often so that the fish has a chance to hit it first before others sea creature finish it.
It already 9.20pm, the tide has just turning up. Ron was busy changing his bait. I had just finish mine n was looking around at the water. Suddenly, Zzzzzzeer… a alarm sounded with a short screech. I look at my two rod but it didn’t have any movement. There is also no loosen of line. I hesitate which rod to strike. It was only after a closer look that I notice my loomis rod has some slight rattle. I pickup n strike. Yes, something heavy there. The fish do some initial dive but was easily bring to surface. Haha… a glimmering fingermark snapper. I use my rod to lift it up. It was about near to a kilo in size.

With this catch, it boosted our confident. We work harder. Another friend Bugeyed come to join us. It was almost 12am. The skyline far away has started to have lightning flash. Rain cloud started to gather overhead. I was changing the bait on one of the rod when Bugeyed notice my other rod the line suddenly gone loose. He wanted to tighten it for me but I pickup n strike instead. Yes, another hookup. Without much effort, I bring it to surface. Another fingermark snapper landed. Its slightly smaller than the first one.

Ho ho…two in a night, how lucky. But the best show tonight is not over. The lightning flash over the skyline is non stop. Rain cloud is much thicker now. I told them the rain might be coming soon. Few minute later, I saw far away the place has already blur. It show that it could be rainning over there. We were hesitate whether to packup as some high wind has blown away some of the rain cloud that gather overhead us. We delay for another 10 minutes. Then the cold wind arrived. We started to packup. I grab my things n run toward my MPV. But Ron and Bugeyed didn’t make it. Wow!, it was so heavy and with the gusty wind, we were all drench. Haha…what a way to finish this lucky trip

A very successful trip

Date: 01-10-2005

Went to pickup Allan around 6.45pm. We reach our spot around 7.15pm. Tide was coming in on slow current. The sky there was cover with rain cloud n lightning. We were worried that it might rain n spoil this beautiful saturday night. Lucky enough, the sky was clear after 15 minute later n we start to setup our tackles. Ron arrived soon n join in. Five rods alltogether but two hour passed and nothing happen beside the long lasting baits.
9.30pm, the tide was almost full. While we were chatting, suddenly Allan reel alarm goes off. He rush up to his rod n strike, yes, heavy at the end of the line. The fish gave some strong fight with deep dive here n there. Allan holding well with his tackle n soon manage to surface it. Wow! a big fingermark snapper 1.7kg landed. With this we knew the feeding time has started. All rods were rebait n casted out. Very soon one of Ron rod the bell ringing. He strike n wind in a small bream. Around 10.15pm, Another Ron rod the bell ringing n bent forward. He strike but missed hook.
15 minute later, Again the bell ringing. This time he strike hard n yes, Heavy…at the end. The fish move along with the current n make very deep dive. Ron was holding dearly to his rod. From the bent of his rod, we can tell it is something big. Lucky is his line are brand new so can withstand it well. After some hard fought battle, he manage to surface it. Wow! wow!, a new Fishingnewsroom shore caught record on fingermark snapper was set. It weight a wopper 3.9kg. Beautiful! Half n hour later, my turn. The fish took my just casted out bait n jump up. It cross over n entangle with one of Ron rod causing his bell to ring. Ron strike n I notice my line gone slack. I wind in and notice the entanglement. It was a small barracuda about 900g who took my single hook bottom feeder rig. By now the tide is already moving down. We fish until around 1am and decided to packup.