Date:26/27-11-2005        Time: 7.15pm to 0230am.

The weather was nice after some down pour early evening. Pickup one of my old buddy n headed down. Reach there around 7.15pm with ron joining me a little later. Tide was just at the high. We setup all our tackles and cast out quickly. Bait was no lasting at the beginning stage, but was better after the tide turn down later. There is no much action except my buddy caught this palm size sweetlip. We fish until the tide turn up again around 2.30am but the fish just don’t bite.


Date: 18-19/11/2005 Night. Time: 8pm – 5am.

c19-11-05Luckily enough the weather at the east side was very good tonight. Went to bedok jetty at around 8pm to catch some squid. It was quite rare as compare with the passed week. But still manage to got enough for bait used. Around 11.30pm, received a call from one of my old buddy who wanted to join me for the night fishing. Since the squid was rare here, we decide to headed to another spot for the fish. I quickly packup n went to pick him up. We reach there around 12.30am. The place has just after a down pour. Everywhere is wet.We quickly setup our tackles n casted out. By now the tide is full n current flow has stop. When the tide turn down, the current was very slow. Bait that casted out was quite lasting now. At 1.15am, suddenly my buddy Zziplex rod the line gone loose. Quickly he strike n wind in a palm size fingermark snapper. Twenty minute later, crok..crok… crok..a handline he casted out earlier was rolling n line running out. ..but by the time he reach it, the line running has stop. He strike the line but the fish has gone. Ten minute later, his Zziplex rod got another line loose, he wind n strike, but missed hook again. Then half n hour later, zzzeeer…zzeer.. suddenly his reel alarm sound. Grab the rod n strike but nothing hook. . Seem that the very slow current flow has affected the hookup rate. Those fishes when feel the tension of the line just throw out the bait immediately.



Nice 2.2kg Fingermark Snapper Caught.

Date: 12-11-2005  Time: 2330hrs   Rod: Loomis Franklin Big Game 12ft.   Reel: Shimano Calcutta 400S    Line: 20lbs mono.   Rig: Long snood bottom feeder    Hook: Long Shank size 4/0     Bait: Overnight fresh squid.

It didn’t rain in the afternoon n the tide was early full around 8.30pm. It also has a good smooth current flow after the tide turn down. Everything look very promising for a good night shorefishing. Armed with a box of overnight fresh squid, I meet Ron around 7.30pm at the beach. Each of us casted out two rod with long snood bottom feeder rig as after the tide turn, it has quite a good current flow.

Around 10pm plus, a angler nearby landed a good size dog shark. It also show the feeding period has started. Without saying, all rods were change with new bait. Fifteen minute later, a small palm size fingermark snapper caught by another member of the group. Haha.. 2-0 down again. Sadly to say is by now all our bait casted out are very lasting n yet no fish bite.

11.30pm, suddenly I saw one of my rod the line gone loose. Hehe..strike n yes! got it. It struggle tremendously to dive downward. I know it quite sizable as I have to pump my rod hard to bring it up. It only after numerous up pump n down dive that I manage to surface it. Wow! it look big on water surface. After landed, I tied it in the water as it still early to packup. We try hard to level the score difference but was not successful. Haha…..it already 3am n with some lighting flash appear on the skyline, we call it off.



Small Barracuda landed on Bedok Jetty

Went to jetty yesterday night to search for baits until 5am this morning. This small barra took my squid bait on a long snood bottom feeder rig around 12.30am. My reel alarm was trigger by the strong pull. After that it swam right into my way causing me to worried thought a cobia is charging toward under the jetty. Haha..all because I was using a slow gear reel.