my trip 14-01-06 night

Went back to the breakwater stone I fish on friday night. It was already 9pm when I reach there. Tide is coming in but water there is still shallow. Casted out two rods with a short n another long snood rig. Bait was some yesterday night left over squid n a packet of sarong which was given to me by a angler who can’t finish it on saturday morning. As the water is still low, both rig all I used sarong as bait. Ten mimute after I casted out, I got the first bite. It was from my Daiwa rod n I wind in this silver bream.

After this there is no more action. The weather become more windy n water is abit choppy when the wsilverbreamater is high. I fish until 1am n decide to packup so that can take some rest.

This morning went to BJt around 8.30am. I used two rod with cable car rig. Around 10am my loomis rod tip has a bend n the reel alarm sound. A queenie took my live bait n make a acrobatic jump. It manage to unhook before I reach my rod to strike.  Fish for another hour before I call it off when the sun is too hot.


A night with some action

Date: 13-01-06

After so many days of raining, today finally there is sunny. I reach home quite late as have lots of work to do before the lunar new year holiday. By the time I am ready, it was already 8.30pm. Decided not to go to jetty as the squid season is over. Instead I headed to a breakwater stone at east coast. My last fishing here is about a year back. Tide was already mid way up n water was calm. Tonight the moon was also big n bright. I quickly casted out two rod. One with a short n the other with a long snood bottom feeder. Bait was frozen squid. Around 10.30pm, my loomis rod got the first bite. It was shaking n I pickup to strike. Something heavy but no struggle. Haha.. winding in a eel.


it was coiling onto my rig. Quickly unhook n release it after photo taking.
Half n hour later the same rod got another bite. It bend down once n bounce back. Strike n wind it a eel tail catfish(similang).


The water could be still cold due to the past one week raining.
Passed this catfish to a malay angler nearby.
By now it was about 12am n the tide is about to full. I was checking on the rod when I saw my Daiwa long cast rod got a rattle. I decide to wind in to check when I notice a small barracuda was hook. After photo taking, I release it back.


After the tide turn down, no more action n I decide to packup as I was a bit tired after a busy working day. After all not so bad on tonight trip as at least have some action.

my first fish on year 2006

Date: 02-01-2006    Time: 0800hrs to 1500hrs.   Rod: Loomis n Franklin Big Game 12ft.   Reel: Shimano Calcutta 400S     Line: 20lbs mono    Rig: Single hook short snood bottom feeder.    Bait: Cut squid.    Hook: Beak size 5/0.

Rain,rain n rain. Yesterday night can’t fish all because of rain. Lucky this morning the weather was fine. Off I go around 8am. Went to the first spot but it was already occupied. No choice just drive along the east coast n look see look see. When come to this place, suddenly come to my mind that it have been more than ten year I didn’t fish at this place. Haha… take alook there n it was not crowded. Decide to gave it a try. Tide was already coming in fast but current was smooth. Quickly two rod was casted out with single hook short snood bottom feeder rig. Baits was left over squid from friday night. Didn’t bring much bait so a single squid was cut into two to save bait. Bait casted out was not lasting also.
It was my second round of bait changes when I was about to cast out the second rod, suddenly, zeer…zeer… zeerr….my shimano 400S calcutta reel was screaming. Quickle put down my second rod n pick up the first rod to strike. Yes, can feel the heavy weight at the end of the line. By now some malay anglers already gather around to see what fish is it. I told them it was a pari. The fish initially swim to my left. I quickly steer it to the right as this place the left side is quite hazard. Luckly the fish is not so big n I manage to bring it close without much effort. When it surface, it was a long tail brown spotted stingray about one over kilo. A malay angler help me to bring up this fish by grabing onto my rig body. After photo taking I gave him the fish to take home. Haha… finally landed my first fish for year 2006.