Golden Travelly

Date: 31-12-2006  Time: 10.10am

It was the last day of the year. Was hopping to catch something before the year end but after some hard work still not result, Those queenie gang that turn up yesterday has been gone. But with some luck, I still manage to fight this golden travelly on other people rod. hahaha… It all happen like this. This middle age man just shifted his rod to where I am n rig a live tamban down. He then goes to jig for tamban leaving his rod unattended.

Suddenly his rod bended n line was running out. I look around for him but just couldn’t find. Without thinking, I pick up the rod n fight. The fish didn’t make a acrobatic jump so I know it cannot be a queenie or garfish. It keep at the bottom all the while when I reel in. Was thinking it could be a grouper but it turn out to be a GT. Quite suprise to me actually. I ask another guy to help to hold the rod as I went to get my gaff to bring it up. The rod owner was very surprise when he return to find the fish on the floor.


Four strike, one up, three missed

Date: 30-12-2006   Time: Morning.

That the result of this morning catch. Lots of bait fish around n it attract a gang of small queenfish chasing after them. I use cable car rig with live tamban as bait to target this surface predator. But the disadvantage of this rig is the auto hook set is not deep as the tension on the main line between the rod tip n the sinker is not very tight. Once the queenie do a acrobatic jump before U strike they will be able to throw out the hook.


My Christmas Present

Date: 25-12-2006   Time: 11.00am   Rod: Penn Powergraph surf 12ft.   Reel: Penn Jigmaster 500L.   Line: 30lbs mono.   Rig: Cable car     Bait: Live tamban.

Wakeup at around 6.20am. After washup it started to rain. Wait till about 8am when the rain stop n proceed down to the jetty. It was already too late for targeting the selar. After setting up my rod, started to do jigging. After some hard work still able to hit three selar hiding at those jetty pillar. Only one tamban was caught n quickly hookup on the cable car rig. Current was slow on the uptide n bait was lasting. It was waiting game now as bait fish was also rare.

Around 11am, I saw my rod tip was shaking. Without waiting I strike n it was hookup. Without much problem, a small queenie was seen at the end of the line. I use the rod to flip it up. chrismas present has finally arrived. My wife who was also with me manage to caught her small little present promfet with her ultra light spinning tackle with tiny little shrimp as bait. The rig was a set of tamban rig. We packed up around 1.00pm when the sun is too hot to bare n it was also getting abit too crowded.


My Wife’s Christmas Present


Marine Catfish Gathering

Was at bedok jetty on both 22 n 23-12-2006 night. I landed one on each night by using tamban as bait. Saw those who purposely target them caught as many as ten by using sotong. Estimate each night about near to 50 fishes with difference sizes was caught. Biggest is about 1kg plus while smaller one is just slightly more then 100g.


Same spot, same type of fish n same thing happen

Date; 10-12-2006  Time: 0215am   Rod: Penn Powergraph Surf 12ft.   Reel: Penn 500L Jigmaster    Line: 30lbs mono   Rig: Long snood bottom feeder.   Hook: Steel wire SS long shank hook size 5/0   Bait: Frozen small cuttle fish.

In this world, sometime things can happen twice the same. The whole thing just happen like a repeat. Three weeks ago I caught a marine catfish at this place(same spot) and yesterday night it just happen again. Not only the same type of fish but the whole drama just like a replay.

It was about to full tide. I have casted this cuttle fish bait out for hours ago as tonight the bait was very lasting. The tide look promising n I was expecting to have a hookup before the tide full. It just happen like the last time.

My reel has a short screech n I pickup n strike. It straight away got into snag. I can feel a fish is at the end of the line. Try pumping the rod a few time but fail to free it. Knowing that my sinker it the one that got snag, I do the samething like last time. Put down my rod n loosen the main line. This gave the fish some space to move about. It really do n free my sinker out. Once I saw my rod tip move, I gave a hard pump on the rod n its up. Without trouble I just wind in the line n swing it up the jetty. Yes…a 1-2kg Marine catfish.