Early morning Gerut or Golden Snapper

Date: 23-03-2007 Time: 0110am Rod: Penn Powergraph Surf 12ft. Reel: Penn Jigmaster 500L Line :30lbs mono Rig: Long snood bottom feeder Bait: Fresh Cuttle fish Hook: S/S long shank size 5/0

Will be on leave today so yesterday night went fishing. Weather was bad in the early evening so delay until 9pm when the sky was clear. Reach jetty T juction but not even a single angler there. haha…great…I have the whole place to play..Quickly setup all my tackles n net for squid catching. Tide was coming up pretty smooth but squid was rare. Manage to catch few small cuttle fish as bait. Bait was lasting tonight n I know I have great chances of hookup one.
Tide was already full n current was about to turn…suddenly I heard my reel has a”Tat” sound. Just a short one. I look at my rod tip but nothing move. Thinking it could be my sinker move by the current…I didn’t strike. Awhile later…I saw my rod tip bend a bit….immediately I pickup the rod n strike…Yes…something at the end of my line..Its no heavy but just struggling a bit. The way it move make me think that it could be a conger eel…while winding back..it struggle all the way..Haha…when I surface it…it turn out to be a nice size golden snapper or gerut. Ya…long time didn’t caught this fish…few year I think…I used my rod to lift it up..It weigh about 800g. Hahaha…the best thing is the hook I used was the one that landed the 25kg Cobia. I bend it back when it was slightly open up n change the steel wire for reused again.


Catch, buy n released

Ah Hon n Commando went fishing yesterday afternoon. Around 2pm…”Hon” caught a 2kg barracuda with dead tamban as bait. He was trying to unhook it when two lady who was there watching the procedure ask him..”U want to sell the fish ? How much ? Commando over heard it n say loudly…$20.00 dollar. Both lady say “OK” n handed him the money. Madam U need a plastic bag ? Commando ask…”NO“…I don’t need it…the lady said. Here it goes…She took the fish n throw it into the sea. Hon n commando was stun for awhile..”Thankyou madam…come more often” Commando reply….hahaha…”Wow”  This type of lady must be there more often…so we will be very hard working changing the bait.

Stripe Mackeral

Date: 04-03-2007    Time: 10.00am    Rod: Penn Powergraph Surf 12ft.   Reel: Penn Jigmaster 500L   Line: 30lbs mono.   Rig: Long snood bottom feeder    Bait: Dead fresh Tamban.

Yesterday night got a call from “Hong” saying that “Commando” has caught a 6kg leopard ray while the rain was pouring. He want me to go down early to join them. I told him that my place was raining heavily also n I will be there once the rain stop. Around 9pm the sky was clear. I headed down to the jetty but both of them has already packup n went home.I fish alone n was later join by some regular there. No action at all n bait was not lasting. I packup around 2am n take a rest.

This morning I went in again. Quickly set up two sets of tackles n jig for tamban. Manage to get some as this fewdays it was quite rare in the morning tide. Tide was coming up fast while current was quite strong. !0am saw a rod next to mine was bending. I told the owner n he strike but he told me no hookup. While winding in it entangle my line. I release my line for him to untangle it. Now my line was push by the current n was at a 45% angle. Decided to recast so I start winding in my line. Feel alittle heavy at the end of it. While my rig almost surface, the fish made some struggling. Hahaha… it was my rod that caught the fish…The fish must have hookup n sweep across over his line by the current causing his rod tip to shake.. I saw it was a small stripe mackeral while it surface n I use my rod to lift it up. It was about 500g in weight. Hahaha… today was the last day of the lunar new year n I got a small present from the sea dragon king….