Conger Eel

Date: 23-04-2007    Rod: Penn Powergraph Surf    Reel: Penn 500L Jigmaster   Line: 30lbs mono    Rig: Short snood bottom feeder    Bait: Frozen Tamban.

Was home early so when for some workout..Hehehe…weather was warm so sweating is no problem…9.30pm…Tide was turning up n bait was lasting. While I was looking for squid under my lamp…I heard a small screech on my reel. When over n saw my rod tip was shaking…This is the second time I casted out on the same bait. Gave my rod a strike n feel some struggling at the end of the line. Was thinking in my heart haha…this could be something good…When surface…haha…endup become a conger eel about 1 over kg. Use my rod to lift it up. Quite surprise this fish appear around this time…At bedok jetty here…mostly this fish will come only on the year end when the weather is cooler.


One of my friend come along after about two year without fishing due to injury on the shoulder. But the sea dragon king was kindly enough to present him with a lobster and a small sweetlip(kaci).

Baby Barracuda

Date: 20-04-2007

Caught this small barracuda last night while catching squid. It took my tamban bait when the tide was about to full. I didn’t notice it when my line gone loose. I tighten it n continue my squid catching. It was only when I wanted to change my bait and I retrieve my line that I realise there is this small fish already dead at the end of the hook. hahaha…a small present from the sea dragon king.


Wolf Herring at Bedok Jetty

Date: 14-04-2007

Went to bedok jetty around 7.00pm yesterday night for squid catching n fishing. Bait was lasting but turn out no action. Squid also rare as the season hasn’t start yet. Stop around 1am this morning n went to take a rest. Wakeup at 6.30am n start fishing again at 7am. Tamban was everywhere in the early morning but turn rare when the sun is high up. Very lucky landed this nice wolf herring around 9am plus when the tide turning down. It was caught on a cable car rig with a live herring as bait.