My Biggest Queenfish

DATE: 21-05-2007   TIME: 11.45pm    ROD: Penn Powergraph Surf 12ft    REEL: Penn 500L Jigmaster   LINE: 30lbs mono   RIG: Long snood bottom feeder    BAIT: Dead fresh Tamban (Herring)

Weather was good n the tide is just nice. Decided to sacrifice some sleep tonight n go squid catching. Reach there the sky still bright n manage to jig for about 10pcs of tamban. I have bring some frozen one along but still fresh one is the best. After casting out my rod, proceed to setup my squid lamp n net. Night fall n some squid start to arrived. One by one it come at interval. Did check my bait n was very lasting. Looking at the smooth moving current n the calm sea surface..Haha…tonight no wind……I know I stand a great chances. Did have some false alarm but only to hook up some rubbish.

Finally…I hear the sound I waiting for…It was almost midnight already. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….my reel alarm goes off. Haha…pickup my rod n strike…Yes….Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz it goes pulling along my line…..Woooooo……that shiokkkkk…Then I heard a water splash….Wow…it jump up the water surface….Hahaha…my mind started to think…At night only three types of fishes will jump up the surface…COBIA….likely as it was so strong….THREADFIN….not likely as here the threadfin don’t fight so strong…BARRACUDA…same reason as the threadfin…Hmmmm…By now the fish has started to swim inward..I wind my line as fast as possible until I feel the weight. It has headed towards the under of the jetty n has cross some line…Now every body is crowding round to see what fish. I shouted to those rod owner to release their line…They do so n I was able to steer the fish out. Hoho…..the most unexpected fishes to caught at night has surface….The Queenfish again….My third three days in the row. But this one is BIGGGGGG. It also my third night caught queenfish after so many years of fishing. One angler offer to help me hold the rod so that I can go n get my gaff. Easily gaff it n haul it up. Eager to know the weight….I took out my scale n weigh it….Hoho….It tip the scale at 5.6kg….n I have re-wrote my personal best on QueenFish from surffishing. Hahaha….very satisfying…..Wow….now it already pass midnight….The fish so big how to put in the fridge ????….Hoho…no choice….have to do the cutting…One old friend come along n I ask him to watch for the squid while I do the cutting..I fillet it out. After this two days practicing….I am more perfect now on cutting…Hehe….job easily done…n time to packup…Haha…by now it was already 1.30am….Morning guys…


Bigger Queenfish

Date: 20-05-2007   Time: 10.20am    Rod: Daiwa Long Cast 12ft.   Reel: Abu 7000 Red    Line: 25lbs mono    Rig: Cable car rig    Bait: LIve Tamban

Bedok jetty was crowded on saturday evening. But the sky was full of rain cloud n lightning when I reach there. Waited for almost 2 hour for the sky to clear before I set up my light to catch squid. Casted one rod out with dead tamban as bait n it was so lasting. Whole night I only need to change one time bait. This gave me the chance to concentrate on catching the squid. Was there until 2am n decide to packup to take a rest.  Went in to the jetty again this morning around 7.30am. Tide was at the lower end n current was slow. While waiting for the tide to turn around, I spent time jigging for tamban n keep it alive. Finally the tide turn up around 9.15am. Down goes the cable car rig. Another rod with a bottom feeder rig. !0.20am I finally hear the sound I waiting for.. My abu reel alarm went off with a short screech. Just nearby so pickup n strike..The fish make a acrobatic jump on the sea surface n dive deep down. Haha…but I already catch a glime of it. Yes….queenie n bigger than yesterday one. Gave that fellow a hard pump n it was on the way up. However it has cross two line by now n make up some messy there. I told the other two anglers to release the line so that I have a better control on it. I bring it to the surface n hang it head up in the air. Within minute it already slump n I ask one guy to grab hold of my leader n lift it up. Hoho…it about near to 2kg. Decided to take home as it was already half dead. Plus the yesterday one…haha…I will be having fish fillet very soon.


Little Queenfish

Date: 19-05-2007   Time: 8.45am   Rod: Daiwa Long cast 12ft.    Reel: Penn 155L Beachmaster   Line: 30lbs mono   Rig: Cable car rig   Bait: Live Tamban

Went to catch squid yesterday night. Only manage to caught some as when tide midway up there is a strong surface wind n that cause the squid to take cover. 11.00pm plus the weather change n it started to rain heavily with lightning n thunder. The rain only stop at 2am this morning n I continue to fish until about 3am. Went to take a rest n wakeup around 7.30am. After have a quick breakfast, I headed in to the jetty again. It was quite empty this morning think due to the rain. Setup two rods one for bottom n the other for cable car rig. Manage to jig some live tamban to use. Around 8.45am..the rod that using the cable car rig alarm went off..I was just sitting next to it so I just grab it n strike..A small queenie jump above the water surface..I wind in the line n just use the rod to lift it up..Haha…it is the first fish landed this morning at the jetty. I continue to fish until about 12pm. In between there are other who caught queenie n eel also.