Three in a Row

DATE: 22-07-2007     TIME: 0930am to 2.00pm.   ROD: Penn Powergraph Surf 12ft.    REEL: Penn Jigmaster 500L    LINE: 30lbs mono     RIG: Cable car rig w/o float.    BAIT: Live Herring.

Went to the jetty yesterday night and was force to leave due to bad weather. It drizzle until this morning around 9am then stop. On seeing the weather is clear, I pickup my icebox and headed down. Reach there the jetty is quite empty due to the rainning. Tide was at the end of the low tide. Setup my tackle n manage to jig for some fresh herring as bait.

When the tide turn up, the current was smoothly except the sea surface was choppy due to a strong south western wind. Got my first hit at around 10.30am. A small wolf herring took my live bait n was struggling. wind in n lift it up by the rod. It weight at 300g.

The second hookup came at about 11.05am. My reel alarm has a short screech when this queenie took the bait. Without much problem I wind in n lift it up. It hit the scale at 1kg.

The third one came at 1.15pm. It hit the live bait hard n cause the reel alarm to scream. It fought hard with the help of the strong surface wind. It take me sometime to control it before it was gaff up by my friend Yusof. It weigh at 2kg.

Haha…was so happy to landed three in a trip. By 2pm, the sun was too strong for me to bare so decided to call it off.

2kg Queenfish


1kg Queenfish


Wolf Herring


Double Barracuda

Date: 14-07-2007    Time: 7pm to 12am.  


Before I reach the jetty, Hon already call me to inform that Xiao Hei had just lost a 5-6kg leopard ray when trying to lift the fish up as they has no gaff to do the job. How they wish I was there earlier.

It was quite crowded tonight at the jetty. Manage to squeeze in a place for my rod to be casted out. Tide was coming up smoothly. By 10pm, the current started to change direction and move faster. A reel alarm sounded and it was PC 11ft kunnan boat master rod. He strike hard and easily wind in a big barracuda with his Daiwa Saltist 30 reel. Hoho…this fish tip the scale at 4kg.

An hour later it was LK turn. He saw his 11ft Kunnan boat master rod tip shake and take no chance. Quietly winding in a 1.9kg barracuda and lifted it up with the rod.

After this the current was at full flow and even size 7 sinker can’t hold bottom. On seeing this condition, everybody start to packup.


I Just Strike

Date: 14-07-2007    Time: 1220pm    Rod: Asahi power cast 12ft.    Reel: Penn 320GTI    Line: 30lbs mono    Rig: Cable car     Bait: Live herring(tamban)

Has been fishing since morning. Casted out about 20 tamban as bait ended with no action. Started to packup as the sun is getting very hot. Suddenly, uncle Sani rod alarm went off. Zzzzzz…Zzzzzz…..Zzzzzz….I look around but can’t find him…He was far away jigging for tamban. Everybody shouting at him but his reaction was slow. haha… I saw that and rush forward to pickup the rod and strike. Hoho…it jump up the surface far away and can’t see clearly..Queenfish was in my mind. It dive downward again. Halfway during the fight I feel something not right. This fish the speed is terrible fast. It gave very short dash with lightning speed here and there. At one point it almost went below the jetty as it has entangle a few line along the way and I have difficulty in winding back the line. But I keep putting pressure on it and manage to hold it well. It finally tired out and surface….WOW!…a big spainish mackeral…no wonder the speed of cutting water so fast. It was easily gaff and lift up. Hoho…It hit the scale at 4.3kg.