Gerut or Golden drum

DATE: 24-08-2007    TIME: 2200hrs     ROD: Penn Slammer 10.6ft      REEL: Penn 113HL      LINE: 30lbs mono.     RIG: Long Snood Bottom Feeder      BAIT: Fresh Squid.

Hong was so lucky last night. He hookup this gerut during the downtide fast current flow. It took the small fresh squid which I have caught earlier. The fish weight was 1.5kg. It was lifted up by his rod as the water was high.


So Near and Yet so Far

DATE: 18-08-2007    TIME: 0300am     ROD: Penn Powergraph Surf 12ft.     REEL: Penn Senator 113HLW     LINE: 30lbs mono     RIG: Long Snood Bottom Feeder      BAIT: Frozen tamban(herring)

I lost a huge leopard ray estimate about 30kg while waiting for gaff.

Went to the jetty around 7pm. Casted out one rod and light up my squid lamp to catch squid. Water was still low and catching it was very tough. Tide was coming up smoothly but bait was not lasting. Keep on changing bait but just no action.

Very fast time past and it was already full tide and the current was about to turn. I decide to change my rod location also. Already 0200am but I decide to stay on until the current change as to see will there be more squid on the downtide. It was quite disappointed as hardly any found.

Around 0300am, suddenly my reel alarm went screaming non stop. I pickup and strike but it keep on stripping my line out. My rod tip guide was broken when I strike and was dangling around. No time to worried as I concentrate on my battle. It was some sort like a one way traffic… I just can’t do anything as it keep pulling line along. Very luckily is stop after a very good run. I quickly pump my rod and manage to gain back some line. The fish also turn around and heading back toward me. I am very happy to see that and keep on gaining line. In my mind I thought it would be a 10 over kg ray. By now, it was just about 6-7 meter away from me. But to my surprise, it started to hold on in the mid water and using it sheer weight to pull it down. I have to put up every effort trying to lift it up. This tug of wall was terrible. It really worn out my energy. After sometime, I have to rely on the jetty railing to hang on too that. Looking around, there was no any experience guy present there. Hoho… I have to fought this battle myself. With the help of the railing, I manage to rest myself and regain some energy back.

After sometime, the fish move alittle and i take the chance to lift it up….Hoooooo….finally it surface….wowwwww!!!!…it is a huge leopard ray. I try to keep it up on the surface as I want to worn it out. But it manage to dive down one more time before I was in full control on it. By now it was laying upside down on the water surface. On seeing this, I decide its time to gaff it. I ask one of a guy there watching the whole battle to help me get my gaff but he has problem of fixing it and don’t know how to gaff. After seeing the hook was firmly secure, I decide to ask him to hold my rod so that I can gaff it myself. But when I just hand over the rod to him and about to turn around and get the gaff, suddenly the main line near to my rig burst. Aiyooooooo…..why like that…so unlucky….The fish just swam off with my rig and the sinker attached. Upon checking my line later, I found a long stretch of it was damage. Think it was drag on the seabed during the initial run. Well, just to bad, not mine mean not mine. After a hard fought battle, I still lost it. But I am happy as at least I have the chance to see the fish.


National Day Award

DATE: 09-08-2007     TIME: 0900am.    ROD: Penn Powergraph Surf 12ft     REEL:Penn Senator 113HLW    LINE: 30lbs mono    RIG: Long Snood Bottom Feeder      BAIT: Tamban and Tuabak.

Today is my country Singapore 42th national day and it was a public holiday. So yesterday night after work when for a short trip. Reach jetty around 8.30pm. Hon n Chuan was already there waiting for me. Tide is on the down side with fast current flow. Setup my tackle n cast out quickly. Chatting around with them as I didn’t catch squid tonight.

Holiday eve award.

Haha….around 10pm plus, I heard a alarm sounded but was thinking a little boy was playing with his reel. Didn’t do anything until he come n tell me there is alarm sounded. Quickly went to my rod n take alook, Wow!!!!….the line already flowing along with the current…hoho…quickly pickup n strike. Yes…heavy at the end of the line n can feel the fish is struggling. Easily wind back with my powerful reel n saw it was a threadfin when it surface. Without delay, I use my rod to lift it up….yes….it hit the scale at 1.3kg. Hoho…everybody around was so envy…Me got my first award tonight. Continue to fish until 1.00am n packup to get some rest.


National day award

Wakeup around 6.30am when Hon come calling. Situp n look at the sky…hoho…full of rain cloud…I tell him its going to rain. True enough after fifteen minute, the rain keep pouring….Haha…back to my mobil home to sleep. Hon call me again when the rain stop at 8.00am. We quickly headed in to the jetty as the tide is coming to full very soon. Setup n casted out. Bait was very lasting. Went to jig for tamban n back with only two live one. Was trying to put up the cable car rig when my senator reel alarm went off. haha…shiok…..throw everything in hand down n pickup the rod to strike….Yoooooo….heavy mannnnn….It didn’t jump but was taking line n going side way. Have a glance at it when it come quite near to the surface n saw some yellowish color.. hoho…could it be a golden travelly again…I wonder ?? Saw Lk come over so I ask him to take over my rod n I can go n fixed my gaff. LK fought for awhile before surface it n it was a queenfish…haha…by now my gaff is ready n I just gaff it up. It tip the scale at 3.8kg. Wow!!!!!…I had double awards on this national day. Hahaha…..


My Golden Catch

DATE: 04-08-2007    TIME: 7.30am to 1.00pm     ROD: Penn Powergraph Surf 12ft.     REEL: Penn 500L Jigmaster

LINE:30lbs mono      RIG: Long Snood Bottom Feeder     BAIT: Dead Tamban (Herring)

Reach the jetty at 7.30am. Tide was almost at the lower end. Setup my tackle and start to jig for fresh herring. Manage to caught some and quickly casted out. As usual bait was not lasting and had to change every ten minute. When the tide turn up, the current start to move faster. But by 10am onward, the bait start to last longer. I actually plan to stop at 11am but after seeing this, I continue to fish on.

It paid off when about 12pm. My reel alarm went off. I strike hard n the fight is on. It dive hard down n taking more line out. After that it move left n right with fast speed. With the help of the fast current, it move n entangle another line causing it alarm to go off. I told the rod owner to loosen his line so that its more easy for me to control. At one point, it swim inward n almost hit below the jetty. I had to pump hard on the rod to steer it out from there.

After some tug of war, this fellow start to tired out n I manage to surface it. Hohoho….A golden travelly is at the end of my line. Yusof came over n pickup my gaff to gaff it up. It hit the scale at 3.95kg to be exact.