Surprising Black Tip Shark

DATE: 27-10-2007      TIME: 0010hrs      ROD: Penn Slammer 10ft      REEL: Penn Senator 113HLW      LINE: 30lbs mono     RIG: Long snood bottom feeder      BAIT: Fresh small squid

Another usual friday night trip. Reach jetty around 6.45pm. Tide was just started to coming up. Current was slow initially. Setup tackles n squid lamp. First few bait casted out was frozen tamban n it was quite lasting.

Time past quickly as I was busy catching squid. No action at all until full tide around 2324pm. Current started to change direction after mid night. Decided to change to fresh squid as bait to try my luck. Truly enough….0010hrs my reel alarm start screaming. The way it sound show that it was pull by a fast speed fishes.

Grab hold of my rod n strike….Yes….it on….not very big by the feeling at the end of the line n knowning it wasn’t a ray…The fishing turn around n heading back after I strike….I just kept winding back line. About 30 meter near the jetty…it turn out n start stripping my line. It went deeper into the water. I gave another pump n started to gain line again. This time round…the fish surface….WOW….it is a shark….Surprise me and all those peoples that gather there to watch. It is my new species on surfcasting. Never did I dream of hooking this fish by long distance surfcasting as it was more of a mid water species. Manage to gaff it up n it was a black tip shark. Very rare caught from the shore especially country like Singapore. It weight 4.7kg.


Wolf Herring

DATE: 21-10-2007    ROD: Daiwa Longcast 12ft    REEL: Penn 155L Beachmaster    LINE: 30lbs mono    RIG: Cable car     BAIT: Live Tamban(Herring)

Caught this Wolf herring this morning around 9am. It took the live bait and cause my reel alarm to sounded. I was repairing my bicycle while it happen. Drop everything down and when for the rod to strike. Haha…it make a acrobatic jump on the water surface before I wind it in and lifted it up with my Daiwa surf rod. Estimate it weigh around near to a kilo.


Conger Eel

DATE: 07-10-2007     TIME: 0030am     ROD: Penn Slammer 10ft.    REEL: Penn 500L Jigmaster      LINE: 30lbs mono     RIG: Long snood bottom feeder     BAIT: Frozen Tamban (herring)

Went to the jetty late yesterday night. Reach there around 10pm. Tide is already halfway down. Current was fast. Although it was a saturday night but it was not crowded. Quickly set up my squid lamp n casted out my rod. Bait was quite lasting. Hardly need to change after few check.

Squid was rare even though there is no strong surface wind. Sky has gather some rain crowd n lightning flash but overall look ok. Around 0030hrs I saw my line was flowing downtide quite badly. Thinking it was caught on with some rubbish n was drag downtide by the current. I decide to wind back to check. Upon pumping up the rod I feel quite heavy at first. But after some winding of line I feel something struggling at the end. I know I have hookup something. Winding slowly back, a conger eel surface on the water. Hahaha…my second eel within two weekend. Use my rod to lift it up. It look about near to 2kg in weight.


The Barracuda

DATE: 06-10-2007     TIME: 0200am     ROD: Penn Slammer 10ft     REEL: Penn 500L Jigmaster      LINE: 30lbs mono.     RIG: Long Snood Bottom Feeder      BAIT: Fresh Tamban (herring)

Went there early evening to jig for some fresh tamban for bait before the sun set down. Manage to caught some as bait. Went on to setup my tackle and my squid lamp. Tide has just moving down n the current was fast. Bait was lasting but squid was rare as there is a very strong surface wind blowing endlessly. The weather started to get colder after midnight.

Around 2am, suddenly I saw my rod tip have several shake n my line gone loose. Quickly pickup the rod n strike but feel nothing. Wind back slowly n saw a small barracuda taging along. Lifted it up with my rod. The fish has swallow the hook so I unhook it n gaven it to a friend there.


Fingermark Snapper

DATE: 02-10-2007     TIME: 10pm     ROD: Penn Slammer 10ft     REEL: Penn Senator 113HLW    LINE: 30lbs mono.    RIG: Long snood bottom feeder     BAIT: Fresh Tamban (Herring)

Finish work early so went for some squid catching. Reach jetty around 6.30pm. Manage to jig for some fresh tamban for bait. Tide was going down with fast current. Casted out my rod and get ready my squid net.

Around 7pm, suddenly my reel has a loud scream n the rod tip bend. But before I reach out for the rod, the tip bounce back and the line slack. Pickup the rod and gave a hard pump but there was no hookup. Seem the fish feel the tension and throw out the hook before I can set it. Well just too bad. Re bait the rod and casted out again.

Did some check and found the bait very lasting. Around 9.30pm, the tide started to turn up. Current was smooth except there is some surface wind blowing. At 10pm, Jerry change his bait and casted out but end up with birdnet on his reel. I went over to take alook. Suddenly my reel alarm sounded again. This time round I react faster and pickup the rod n strike. Hoho… I got it this time. It did some struggle initially but was easily control by my rod. When surface…it was a nice fingermark snapper. I saw it has swallow the hook so I use my rod to lift it up. It weight 900g on the scale. Haha…lost one earlier but gain one later…Who say you can eat without paying.