He don’t need any tackle to caught this fish….

Few weekend back Lai was fishing with his friends at the jetty. It was already 7 plus in the evening and the sky already turn dark. While he was standing around, suddenly he heard a “piak” sound behind him and when he turn around to look he saw a fish is jumping on the jetty floor. His immediate reaction is scolding “bloody LK(his friend) U want to lift up fish also don’t throw it so near to me” But when he look at LK, he is doing nothing le. Lai take a closer look at the fish and saw no hook or line and nobody come to take it. Ehh…hahaha….he understand….this wolf herring about 1kg jump out of the water by itself. Quick hand quick leg Lai went to grab hold of it before LK come. Haha…free fish thrown up by the sea dragon king.



DATE: 15-11-2008      ROD: Shoreangler Jetty Lite 5.5ft      REEL: Penn Baymaster 180L     LINE: 20lbs      RIG: Cable Car      BAIT: Live Herring(Tamban)

Was there yesterday night. But only catching squid as I just cast out one time and the rest of the time the rod was left dry. Reason is the uptide current is too strong and there is too many small rods with braided line targeting small little cat fish. This few night jetty is full of cattie(duri). Almost who ever use prawn or sotong(squid) will catch one. Estimate yesterday night the whole jetty added up might have more than 70 pcs of catties caught.

Squid was also rare. Up to 11pm I only caught one. Seem like the squid season is coming to an end with the start of the north east monsoon. Yesterday night the northern wind is blowing quite strong and that cause the surface water to be choppy. It indirectly scare the squid to surface. Decided to packup around 11.30pm to get rest on my mobile home.

Wakeup around 6.30am and headed in to the jetty. The sun has not even rise. Haha…Cast out a multiplyer and a spinning rod for bottom big game. Follow by my this self made jetty lite rod for cable car rig to target surface predator. Tamban was rare today. Even those regular tamban jigger find hard to get. Manage to get one after some hard work. It was quickly rig down.

Bottom bait was quite lasting after a few check on it. Tide and current is smooth and good. Was chatting with a friend around 9.30am when I saw my self made rod tip bend down follow by a queen fish jump up from the water surface. Quickly getup and strike. Yes…. its ON. This little fellow make another few jump and deep dive. It able to do so because my sinker is small and light. Haha…it nice to play it with a short rod like this. I let it run until it slow down then I used my hand to grab hold on the main line and pull it up. Hahaha….forgot to weight it but it should be a round a kilo range.


White Spotted Brown Stingray

DATE: 11-11-2008      TIME: 9pm       ROD: Penn PPT Sidewinder 13.6ft       REEL: Okuma Catalana 25CL     LINE: 40lbs      RIG: Long snood bottom Feeder      BAIT: Whole fresh squid

Amin just into surf fishing less than a year. But he determine to catch big one. Tonight is the second night he spent at the jetty. Tide was about to full. Hong arrived and saw Amin new Okuma reel so he offer to change bait for him. Hong choose a fresh squid and casted out.

Fifteen minute later this reel alarm screaming. Leong who was watching me catching squid was the nearest to the rod. He turn and grab it. Hong who is not far away also come to grab the rod. Amin come a few second later. Haha… three person going for the rod wanting to strike. Eventually it was given to Amin the rod owner. He strike and the fish run. Almost taking the entire spool line out. Luckily it stop with very little line left. I told him to pump and gain line back. He did what is told and manage to get the fish to mid water. By now he is tired and pass the rod to Wei. Wei another beginner follow up and manage to bring the fish to the surface. At one stage he almost let the fish go under the jetty. With some help he manage to steer it out. I get my gaff ready and manage to gaff it on the second try and pull it up. It hit the scale at 12.5kg. It was also Amin up todate biggest catch.

10kg Wild Barramundi

DATE: 02-11-2008    TIME: 00.30am      ROD: Penn Inxs Groundcast 13ft.     REEL: Daiwa LD50      LINE: 30lbs mono     RIG: Two hook short snood bottom feeder      BAIT: Live prawn

Hong has not target this fish for quite long. He has already landed 19 there and are looking for his number 20. This early morning he did it again. It all happen when Ah Dam who also targeting this fish has a hookup. He was a distance away when it happen. Running over to grab his rod and pump was a bit too late. The fish manage to snap the line and break free but not for long. Hong who was also around notice his rod has some movement. He grab his rod n pump…YES…it on….Haha….the fish break free but has entangle Hong line. With some hard dive n turn, the fish is brought to the surface where a landing net is waiting. Without much effort it was bring up to the jetty. Wow…..all the crowd has gather to see this 10kg wild monster….haha…but not for long….the crowd change direction to another end of the jetty…They didn’t know that while watching the barramundi at the same time the other end of the jetty is fighting another monster..