Murray Eel

Date: 25-05-2009  Time: 7pm

Caught this 6ft Murray eel yesterday night. It took my frozen tamban bait. Only found out when changing bait. It hell of heavy weight when winding in the line. It was released after photo taking. Gone were my LSBF rig also as it has mess n coil up the whole thing. It survive when release into water.



DATE: 05-05-2009     TIME: 8.45pm      ROD: Penn Power Stick 10ft.     REEL: Shimano Torium 20     LINE: 30lbs mono      RIG: Long snood bottom feeder       BAIT: Frozen Tamban

Caught this small cobia last night. It took my bait and peel off some line that cause my reel alarm to sound. I strike and it surface up and swim inward. At one stage I thought I had lost the fish as there is no feeling of the fish around. Only when it was near that I manage to saw it. I use my rod to lift it up the jetty. Suprising it was a small cobia around a kilo range.