Its Golden Travelly Again

Date: 22-11-2009     Time: 9am     Rod: Penn Power Stick 10ft      Reel: Shimano Torium 20      Line: 30lbs Braided     Rig: Long Snood bottom feeder     Bait: Frozen night herring(Tuabak)

Went to the jetty yesterday night when the weather change better. But stop around 12am when it drizzle again. Have a good sleep on my mobile home and wakeup 6am this morning. Going in to the jetty early morning hoping to catch some live bait. Only manage to catch two live herring. It was use on the cable car rig. For bottom fishing I have to use the frozen night herring I brought from home last night.

Luckily, the bottom bait was very lasting. This morning tide was good with a very smooth current flow. No tamban to jig so just sit around waiting. Saw Ah An was packing up after whole night without sleeping as he was alone last night. Suddenly my Shimano Torium alarm sounded. I pickup the rod and strike. Yes…fish on. It took my line and go running. I shouted for Ah An to come over as he was on the other side of the jetty. By now the fish has stop and I started to pump the rod and gain line back. It turn around and swim inward but will twist and turn downward on the way in. By now Ah An already has my gaff ready. After some struggle, I manage to bring it to surface. Suprise it was a Golden Travelly again. It look bigger and the fight is stronger than the one I caught last sunday. With a second try, An manage to gaff it up. Now the surrounding was crowded with people looking at the catch and everyone wanted to know the weight. I bring out the scale and it hit 4kg. Wow…0.2kg heavier than last sunday one.

Two Golden Travelly on two following Sunday. Its a record for me.


Little Queenie

Little Queenfish

Date: 21-11-2009     Time: 11.00am      Rod: Shoreangler Big Game 10.4ft       Reel: Daiwa SL 20SH       Line: 30lbs Braided      RIG: Cable Car Rig       Bait: LIve Herring(Tamban)

Caught this little queenfish this morning on a cable car rig with live tamban as bait. Can’t release as it bleed too much and die off easily after landed. I fillet it out the meat on the spot.


Golden Travelly

Date:15-11-2009     Time: 0930am      Rod: Shoreangler big game 10.4ft      Reel: Daiwa 47H      Line: 30lbs mono      Rig: Long Snood bottom Feeder      Bait: Dead Tamban

Went back to the jetty early this morning again as the weather was fine. Last night I caught a 1kg plus conger eel while my friend Ah An landed a 3.2kg barramundi on a handline with a dead tua bak as bait. We stop due to the weather change after mid night.

I initially fish on the right side of the jetty as on the left there is alot of tamban anglers around. Bait was very lasting but live tamban was hardly caught. Around 9am when the current started to change, those tamban anglers move to my side. To avoid too crowded, I switch side with them as now the left side is almost empty.

I move one rod first as the other rod I just change bait so I left it there for awhile. Around 9.30am, I went to wind back the rod on the right side and move it to the left side. I rebait it and casted out. Before I finish setting the drag, the first rod that I had move earlier the reel when screaming. It keep screaming and line been strip out fast until my hand was free to pickup the rod to strike.

It was heavy at the end of the line. I know it was a bottom hookup as the fish didn’t make any acrobatic jump on the water surface. My both rods all have cable car rig with live bait on the top. The fish have some struggle here and there but was not that powerful. Someone around ask me what fish is it and I told him could be a golden travelly. True enough, when I surface it, no mistake there.

One of the regular angler there got hold on my gaff and gaff it up. It weigh 3.8kg on the scale.


Here is a video on this fish landed taken by a uncle.

His Personal Record Catch.

Date: 08-11-2009     Time: 12.30pm      Rod: Penn PPT SideWinder 13.6ft       Reel: Abu 10000C(old model)      Line: 30lbs mono      Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder        Bait: Fresh Squid

Went in to the jetty early this morning. Ah An has already pack up and ready to go. He had arrange with Lai and fellow angler to fish at a breaker this morning. He made a call to Hong but with no answer. He thought the trip has been cancelled and cycle to the lagoon hawker for breakfast and then cycle on the way back home to Toa Payoh.

Lai come in to the jetty not long after An left. I told him he already went off. Lai make a call to him and learn that he already reach Fort road. On knowning that Lai and fellow anglers was here, An turn back and heading for the breaker.

I decided to join them at the breaker later as jetty this morning hardly has any tamban. When I reach the breaker, An was still on the way. Lai and fellow anglers has already there but was eating breakfast. I set up my tackle and was the first one to cast out. They all set up their tackle when An arrived with the bait they prepare yesterday night.

Tide is now coming up and the sea was calm with smooth current flow. Initially the bait was not lasting but when the water is higher, it lasted longer. By this time Hong come along and join in.

10.30am, suddenly we saw Lai PPT rod the line gone loose. I was the first to reach and pickup and strike. It turn out to be a small leopard ray accidentally hook on the stomach. It was release immediatly after unhook.

Around  12.20pm, all change their bait. An found out that his squid bait only the head gone. I told him just to add another squid on the hook. He follow and casted out. While we were talking, suddenly I heard shouted “last rod got fish”. I turn around and saw An rod was bending and the alarm was screaming. I rush forward to grab and strike then pass it to An who was already there. The fish took the line and was heading 45% out from the shore. It was about hundred n fifty meter away from the breaker. I told him to move down the breaker onto the beach as it will be more easy to fight. On the way I told him to wind back whatever line available. When we reached the beach parallel to the fish, it was only about fifty meter away. An manage to get it off the sea bed and pump it in. I went into the surf to gaff it when I manage to grab hold of his rig body. It was a nice sand ray. Once the barb was removed, An bring it back to the breaker where it was weigh. It hit 14kg on two different scale to confirm the weight.

It was An personal record catch as he started surf fishing only about a year ago. The fish gave birth to two baby ray and was release back into the water. The ray was later cut up and share among the anglers there.