Queenie and Gar fish


Went to the jetty last night but didn’t fish as it was too crowded. Ending up went home to sleep. Wakeup around 6am to wash up and reach jetty around 7.45am. Check with Ah An who was there all the while last night say nothing landed.

Jig for tamban and we all setup cable car rig.Ah An got the first go around 0915am when his reel got a screech. Ending up he wind back a small queenie on his cable car rig. I grab hold of his rig body and haul it up for him.



Half an hour later while I was away jigging for live bait, my penn power stick rod bend and reel alarm sounded. Hong who join us later strike it for me and wind in a small  gar fish(todak). This fish was release after unhook and photo taking.



Lizard Shark

Date: 27-02-2010     Time: 0015am      Rod: Shoreangler Big Game 10.2ft       Reel: Daiwa Saltist STT40      Line: 30lbs Braided join with 50lbs mono leader      Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder       Bait: Fresh Cuttle fish without shell.

Went there around 7pm. Tide was mid way up and had a good current flow. Not very crowded today so I setup two sets of tackle. Both all use night herring as bait on bottom feeder. It was quite lasting so I just check only about an hour once. No action even after full tide at 10.30pm. Only manage to scoop up two small cuttle fish. I use it as bait on my next bait change. The down tide current was slow  and the water flowing the same direction as the uptide.

Slightly after mid night, suddenly I saw my line gone loose. Quickly I pickup the rod and strike. No struggle at all but only slightly heavy at the end. Thought has hookup rubbish again as tonight the water was full of leave and grass flowing on the surface. It only when I surface it that a lizard shark was struggling around. Thought of lift it up with my rod but someone offer to pull up for me. It size is about 2kg and was deeply hook on the throat so chances of release it was very slim. One of my friend want it so I let him have it.



The Amazing Surf Rod

The Shoreangler Big Game rod that I bring up the 24kg Stingray was a rod with a story to tell.  The tip part(6.6ft) was a old penn slammer rod tip. Its belong to a regular angler there. He spray this rod with thick paint. One day he casted and the line crack off..at the same time this tip part also fly into the sea as he never fixed it properly to the butt part. Angry..he throw the remaining butt part down also.

Seven years later…one night while I was fishing there…someone hookup a rod tip and throw it at the rubbish bin. I went to throw some rubbish and saw this rod tip. It was full of coral and mud grow on it. I look at it so familiar and take it up. I bent it here, bent it there. Eh…still good le…I took it to the toilet to was it up. The next morning when I went home, I scrap off all the paint, took out all the broken guide until it only left the original blank. Test to bend it and it still look good. I decided to rebuild it. I told my friend and he offer to do it for me. I found a butt part which belong to a broken SURECATCH brand rod. It was 6ft long so I cut it down to about 4ft and it fit well into the tip part.

We spray this rod with mango color yellow and rebuilt it. Hehe…now I got a new rod to play. First test on it show it work well…The first fish tested was a 3.8kg GT. Now it had landed this 24kg ray…it had proven it that after 7 years laying in the sea..the blank still in tip top perfomance. After landing the ray…I check it out and it show no sign of any damage. What a amazing rod to own.


No Break but Even 6kg Exactly

Date: 19-02-2010     Time: 9.50am      Rod: Shoreangler Big Game 10.2ft      Reel: Daiwa Saltist STT40      Line: 30lbs braided with 50lbs mono leader       Rig: Cable Car 30lbs Dupont line.       Bait: Live herring(Tamban)

Still on my annual long holiday and just another day of fishing…Went there yesterday night to fish and catch some squid. Packup around 3am and take a rest on my mobile home.

Wakeup at 6.30am by the noise of car door closing. It was those parents who sent their kids to the east coast beach to attend the Chung Cheng Seconary School activity.Frown

Can’t sleep already so headed in to the jetty.Yell Tide is still going down. Setup two set of tackles and casted out. Start jigging for live bait and add a cable car rig to one of the rod. Check on the bottom bait and it was not lasting so need to change often. Lucky it was early so fresh bait still available if U work hard.

Around 9.50am…while I was jigging for bait, suddenly my saltist reel went screaming….plus other anglers who present there also shouted….Alo……..Surprised

Rush forward pickup the rod and strike….a big fish jump out of the water surface…..Queenie again…Laughing but this time on cable car rig…30lbs mono only no wire trace…have to be extra careful….Play it slowly and it do another acrobatic jump…hoho…pray hard…hope my mono can last the abrasion by the sand paper type teeth on the mouth.

Have to carefully putting presure on the fish hoping to tired it down and avoid strong jerk. Luckily…it surrender after some big circling around. Ah Tee come along to setup my gaff and gaff it up for me. Weigh it and it hit the scale excatly at 6kg no more no less….hoho….no breaking record…..just even my personnal best. Have to try again next time.Tongue out


New Year, New Shirt, New Record


Date: 16-02-2010     Time: 10.45am      Rod: Penn PowerStick 10ft      Reel: Daiwa Saltist STT50      Line: 30lbs Braided joint with 50lbs mono leader      Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder       Bait: Frozen Night Herring(Tuabak)

Today is the third day of the lunar new year. Every year this will be my first day of fishing after two days of cooking, gathering, eating and visiting. This morning when I put on a new T-shirt, my wife ask me why must wear new shirt for fishing? I said, well it may bring me good luck.Wink

Reach jetty around 8am. Not so crowded as some might still celebrating the new year. Bait fish tamban was rare. Lucky I did bring along two packet of frozen night herring. Quickly set up two set of tackles and casted out. After I jig two live bait, I added two cable car rigs on both rods. Continue to jig for bait fish and after some hard work, manage to get about ten tambans. But I keep it for tonight trip as I wanted to used up my frozen bait first.

Around 10am, I decided to check the bait on my Penn powerstick rod. I started to pump the rod and I notice a small fish was jumping a distance away. This I realise that I had caught a small queenie on my cable car rig. Easily I wind it back and lift it up. It should weigh less than 500g.


A lady who come along to look around saw what I had caught and wanted to buy it from me. I told her it didn’t have much meat and this fish cannot be steam to eat as the skin is like rubber. She told me her father in law who is from Hong Kong and also present there wanted to eat fresh fishes so she insist I sell it to her. She took out 5 buck and wanted to put in my hand. Upon seeing her like and I still on a new year mood, I agreed to gave it to her for free. I even offer to fillet out the meat for her as I afraid they don’t know how to do it properly and it may cook it with the skin on. She was so happy and offer me a can of root beer.Laughing I happily accept it. I do the cutting for her and she left the place with the fresh fish meat happily.

After washing up, I was about to take a rest when I heard my reel screaming.Surprised I saw my rod bending and line is running out fast. Quickly I move in to pickup the rod and strike. Ooh..It is very heavy and still taking out line. I was thinking could it be a ray as it has taken my bottom bait. When the fish stop running, I quickly gain control and start pumping and winding back line. It is very slow and super heavy as my rod bend to the maximum. By now there is a big crowd gather around to see the fight. Jepun the tamban hook seller come to help set up my gaff. I keep on winding back and manage to bring it close. When I surface it, it was a big queen fish and it was foul hook on the body bottom fin. No wonder it was so heavy as I was pulling the fish side way when the current is flowing left to right.


A regular there took over the gaff and gaff it up for me. I put it on the scale and it hit the 6kg mark. Smile It is a new personal record on queenfish for me. My previous best was 5.6kg on a night trip.Laughing I think the sea dragon king who control the sea saw I gave away the small one and decided to gave me a bigger one. haha………

24kg Brown Stingray

Date: 16-02-2010      Time: 11.00pm      Rod: Shoreangler Big Game 10.2ft      Reel: Shimano Torium 20      Line: 30lbs braided joint with 50lbs mono leader      Rig: Long Snood bottom feeder      Bait: Fresh octopus tentacles.

A telephone call by Hong at 5pm this afternoon wake me up from my resting after my morning trip. They were short of bait and ask me to bring down extra bait for them. I quickly packup all the necessary items and headed to the coffee shop to buy three packet of mee goreng for dinner.

Reach jetty around 5.45pm and it was crowded but not much anglers as most of them are just walking around. Down tide was about to end and I quickly setup my tackle and casted out. Bait was quite lasting at this time. At 7.15pm when the tide turn up, we all change the bait again. I check again around 8.30pm and my rod was heavy at the end. I had to pump a few time to be able to wind back the line. It turn out a big octopus was hook on it tentacles by my hook. LaughingJust nice for a fresh bait. I cut out all the tentacles and all of us change it as bait immediatly.

Current was running fast now. Lai has decided to packup as he need to work tomorrow. Hong also packup as he need to send Lai home. Now only left me alone fishing. Lucky Mr. Tyre was around to chit chat with me. I change the bait again around 10.30pm. I had told Mr Tyre if he went back, I wll be packing up also as there will be no other to help me to gaff it if I do had a big hookup.

Around 11pm. Mr. Tyre recieved a call from his wife asking him to pick her up. I also standup and wanted to pickup my rod when my reel alarm go screaming. I pickup and strike. Mr Tyre saw it and told his wife that I had a hookup and he need to stay awhile longer to help as no other angler are around. Wow… the fish just keep on striping out the line and going. I had to tighten my drag a few time to slow it down. It totally strip half of my spool line before I manage to stop it. Once it stop, I quickly pump and gain line. I was pulling it against the current flow now, It really a very tough job but there is no one to pass the rod too as Mr. Tyre don’t know how to play a multiplyer. No choice I had to hang on. I know I am in control now so I keep putting pressure on the fish and gaining line. Once I got my leader in my spool, I know I gonna to bring it up. After about fifteen minutes of hard work, I surface it. Mr. Tyre was ready with the gaff and with one strike, it was in but was too heavy to pull up just by himself. I ask another guy to come and hold my rod so that I am free to get another gaff. With both gaff in, we both pull it up. It weigh 24kg on a 50kg scale tie to a lamp post with the help of another two guys. Haha.. two fishes in aday. What a wonderful lunar new year to celebrate.


3 in a night

Date: 06-02-2010

Ah An is a hard working and lucky guys. Tonight he got three fishes in a roll. First is a 1.8kg grouper on a handline below the jetty with live prawn as bait. Then came 2kg gaf fish on a light tackle set with float and a dead tamban as bait. Awhile later he pull up a 2kg plus nurse shark from another handline with a night herring as bait. All this fishes are caught just below on a few meter away from the jetty.