Landing a fish is not only by luck

Date: 10-04-2010

Yusof, Gary and I was fishing on the extreme left side of the jetty.  My all other friends was fishing on the right side. Tide was going down by now but on slow current flow. Gary rod was the first to spotted a hookup. He strike and it was on. He pump hard and wind back fast. But the fish drop off when it just appear to the water surface. Yusof got his turn. His reel screech, he strike and pump but no hookup. Another chance for him again a little while later but same thing happened. No hookup. Haha… I went over to tell Gary….if the fish did eat my bait…no chances of escape. True enough….awhile later I wind back a small nurse shark. It took my octopus tentacle supply by Ah An who was among the anglers fishing on the right side. Fishing is not only luck…your skill, method and technic do count.


Silent Eater

Date: 09-04-2010     Time: 8.30pm      Rod: Penn Powergraph Surf 12ft.     Reel: Daiwa Emblem 6000S      Line: 30lbs Braided with 40lbs mono leader      Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder      Bait: Frozen Tamban

Reach jetty around 7.15pm. Tide was midway up with strong current below. First cast out was force to wind back as someone missed cast and cross over my line then pull my back my rig when he wind back his line. Bait was lasting so I re-bait and re-cast out.  Not long after casting, I saw my line was carried away by the current flow. I knew something was no right as it could be a small hookup or was entangle by big rubbish. I decide to check and wind back my line. It was heavy but no any struggling. Thought it was rubbish until when it was about to surface that there is some struggling at the end. It turn out to be a barracuda on the line. I used my hand to grab on my leader and pull it up. It weight 2.5kg on the scale. The fish was cut up to two and I share it with my friend.


7kg Barramundi

Date: 04-04-2010  Tackle: 150lbs mono handline no sinker no float.  Bait: Live night herring

He did hookup this fish a few week back but the fish make a dash into the pillar and end up his 150lbs hand line burst. That how strong and fast this fish is. For the past week, this fish appear again but won’t dare to take his live bait. Maybe is healing from the wound on it mouth.

Saturday night…rain started to drizzle non stop. Every one left the place except him as his home is far away. Boring, he went to look for this fish. He found it there again. Armed with his handline, he hook a live night herring again and let it down to swim freely. Yes…the fish took his bait and he gave no chance and make no mistake this time. He bring it up and it weight 7kg. What a wonderful reward for his hard work under the rain which pour non stop even into the morning when this photo was taken.