Barracuda Night

Date: 27-08-2010     Time; 6pm to 12am      Rod: Shoreangler big game 10ft.        Reel: Shimano Trinidad 16       Line: 30lbs braided with 60lbs mono leader        Rig: Long snood bottom feeder        Bait: frozen n fresh tamban

Caught the first barracuda about 1kg around 7.30pm with a frozen tamban. I cut up the fish and keep it in my ice box as not to let it deteriorate on this hot weather. Caught another one slightly bigger at 1.2kg later on around 10.30pm with a fresh tamban.


The morning wolf herring

Date: 22-08-2010     Time: 7am to 11am.     Rig: Cable car with live herring(tamban)

The jetty was quite empty this morning. Its seldom happen on a sunday morning. I went back there early after some rest on my mobile home last night. Tide was already half way up and the current flow was smooth. Tamban was quite rare. We only manage to jig a few fresh one.

Around 8am. Ah An Penn PPT side winder rod pair with his Abu 10000C got a slide screech. He strike and a wolf herring was seen jumping on the water surface. Without much effort, he bring it close and use the rod to lift it up. It weigh around 1kg.

We continue fishing. When the tide was about to full around 10.45am, I saw my big game rod pair with a Daiwa saltist 20H reel the rod tip shake. I went to stike it and the fish is on. It first struggle under the water before surface up and make a few acrobatic. This few jump it manage to cross the line on the next rod. I ask Ah Bee to come over to untangle it and use his hand to lift it up. It weigh 1.2kg on the scale.

I packup around 11am while Ah An, Ah Bee and the rest continue their fish hunting. What a good morning fishing with this good size wolf herring aka Ikan Parang aka Sai Toh her.


Our Surf Fishing Competition

Road leading to bedok jetty was close this morning for the youth olympic game so we headed to changi beach for a day of surf fishing competition. We started from 9am and ended at 4pm.

Total there are 10 anglers participating with 10 long surf rods.  We used assorted baits like tamban, cuttle fish and freshly caught sandeel. We were hoping to land some ray there but seem today the big ray is not around. Only saw one other angler fishing nearby caught one roti prata kosong.

Early part of the day it was drizzling rain non stop. Only at around 2pm that the weather turn fine. Tide full at around 2.45pm and that was where the bite started to come in.

The result ended with Adam winning first with a 1kg flat head. Second n third was Yusof with a 500g and 400g flat head.

Many thanks to Ah An and Ah Bee for their effort of getting the fresh tamban. Yusof for catching the sea worm on the spot as bait for the sandeel.

Its a great gathering. If the weather is good in the morning, the result might be much better.


National Day Award (Evening)

Date: 09-08-2010     Rod: 8ft Fixed spool mixed brand      Reel: Small Fixed spool      Line; 20lbs mono      Rig: Cable Car       Bait: Live Tamban

Can’t Sleep for long during daytime so went back to the jetty in the evening. Simon, Tee Kia and Eric already there. Only Simon was fishing with two rods. One on bottom big game and a smaller rod on live bait cable car.

The jetty was quite crowded with public waiting to view the fire work in the night. I setup a rod and casted out then went to help Simon to jig for bait fish. At that time the fly past helicorpters just flew past the jetty top and had very loud sound. Suddenly I turn around and saw Simon shorter rod tip bend over. Then the reel sounded and the rod almost topple over the jetty railing. I quickly grab hold of the rod and strike. While all this happen, Simon was not aware. Its only when they saw me fighting the fish that they run over. I pass the rod to him. He fought for awhile then pass it to Tee Kia. The fish was doing all sort of acrobatic on the water surface and entertaining the crowds that was watching and shouting like”Hooo…arrrr…..beautiful…..wowww…. bigggggg…” Eric took over the rod to play. I saw the fish was quite big so I fixed up my gaff. Awhile later, Eric play it near to the jetty and I gaff it up. It weigh 4.6kg on the scale. Almost everyone who witness the fight took photos on the fish like it is another national day display.Laughing

Simon didn’t want the fish so I took it and fillet out the meat. It will be fish and chip for me again next week.

National Day award (Morning)

Date: 09-08-2010     Time: 10.45am      Rod; Daiwa Saltiga Surf 11ft      Reel: Penn 555GS      Line: 30lbs mono       Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder       Bait: Fresh Kunning

Today is Singapore celebrate the 45th national day and was a public holiday. The Sea Dragon King decided to award Ah Bee  this 4.2kg Golden Travelly when the tide is about to full. The fish took the bait with a good long run and make his reel alarm go screaming. Beside him, Ah Chuan also had a smaller award with 1kg plus Queen fish on cable car rig with live bait.