My Biggest on Cable Car Rig

Date: 09-02-2011      Time: 12pm      Rod: Shoreangler Big Game 10.2ft      Reel: Shimano Torium 20       Line: 30lbs braided with 50lbs mono leader       Rig: Cable Car       Bait: Live tamban

Today is my last lunar new year holiday before work started tomorrow. Same as the past three days, I headed to the jetty in the early morning. As I never bring any bait along, I quickle set up my two rods and went to jig for tamban. Luckily today is better than yesterday and manage to get some very quickly. Casted out the rods with both top and bottom rig.

Tide was coming up and the current was smooth. Bait was quiet lasting except a few time the live bait was stolen by the small garfish which eaten it without paying.

By now the sun was very hot, I hide under my shade to relax. Suddenly, my torium reel went screaming. Before I strike, I can see a fish leap out of the water surface. I strike and it goes jumping a few time and gone further out. At one time it even strip out more of the line. After awhile, it slow down and I started to gain back line. It took me some time before I able to bring it in. By now another angler Tony was ready with my gaff. He gave a hard pull and the fish was on the way up. When landed, I weigh it and it hit the scale at 5.8kg. Not my biggest queenie caught but was the biggest I ever hookup on a cable car rig.


Only Head Left

This is what happen when U tie your catches in the water below the jetty. It already happen few time back. Grouper, cat fish, sickle fish all ended with only the head left. Someone there below is sharing your catches. So next time U want to keep your catches alive, think twice.Undecided

Head only

Sea Dragon King Wishes

Date: 05-02-2011      Time: 10.10am      Rod: Shoreangler Big Game 10.2ft      Reel: Shimano Torium 20      Line: 30lbs braided with 50lbs mono leader      Rig: Cable car     Bait Live tamban

Every year the third day of the lunar new year I will go fishing. It is the beginning of my annual five days holiday before I started work. Same this year and I headed there early in the morning. Casted out two rods with a bottom and a top cable car rig. Tide was coming up and current flow was very smooth. A lot of tamban around so live bait is easily available.

At 10.10am, the Sea Dragon king decided to send his good wishes to me. He never fail to do so for the past several year. My Torium reel alarm goes off and a queen fish was seen jumping out of the water surface. I strike and the fish pull the rig and go deeper. It then jump out again much further away. I retrive the line and it follow inward. It dive down again when near the jetty. It took me some fast rewind action before I can surface it. A hongkie couple who was there to jig for tamban come to my aid. He took my gaff and try to gaff it for me. But after several try he fail. I ask him to hold the rod and I took over the gaff. When landed, the fish weigh 2.4kg on the scale.


Fresh Fish Meat

Date:02-02-2011       Time: 9.00am       Rod: Penn PPT Sidewinder 13.6ft        Reel: Penn 225 LD       Line: 30lbs mono      Rig: Cable car       Bait: Live tamban

We all don’t need to work today as it is the lunar new year eve.  We suggest go for a early morning fishing. Ah Ann was the first to reach around 6am follow by Hong and Lai. I went they around 8am. Tide was on the way up and the current was smooth. We cast a bottom bait and follow by a cable car rig on the top. Live tamban was alot so no problem of having live bait.

My rod was the first on action when I hookup a garfish about 400g on my cable car rig. Ann follow soon also a same size garfish with the same method as mine.

Then when the tide full, Ann reel alarm goes off. He strike and a queenfish was saw jumping out of the water surface. He fought for awhile before pass it to Hong to play. I get the gaff ready and Ann make a fast gaff and we pull it up. It hit the scale at 3.3kg. A good size especially on a cable car rig. The fish was later fillet out the meat and I bring it back. I going to have a fresh fish n chip this lunar new year.