Triple Catch within a day

Date: 16-03-2013    Time: 5.15pm    Rod: Penn PPT Sidewinder 13.6ft     Reel: Shimano Speedmaster 4    Line: 30lbs mono     Rig: Long snood bottom feeder      Bait: fresh dead tamban

XF caught this 2.5kg golden travelly on the early evening when the tide is on the way down.

 photo 4572a851-7377-4aa6-a7bc-b528fdc96fc2.jpg

Date: 16-03-2013     Time: 5.20pm     Rod; Centuary Kompressor SS 14ft      Reel: Daiwa Saltiga 40     Line: 30lbs mono      Rig: Long snood bottom feeder     Bait: Fresh Tamban

Ah Lai caught this 2.5kg Fingermark Snapper just five minute after XF G.T.(above) It is counted a rare catch at the jetty with it size. Even if you take a boat out at changi sea….you hardly able to catch one snapper above 2kg. See picture below….

Note: I also caught a 400g flat head around 11pm the same night.



Red Snapper & a one way submarine

Date: 08-03-2013      Time: 8.50pm      Rod; Penn Powergraph surf 12ft.      Reel: Daiwa Saltist 40     Line: 30lbs mono      Rig: Long snood bottom feeder      Bait: Frozen Tamban

Tide was about to full…..Current is still running strong….We were talking about earlier my hard fought battle to a one way train. A huge stingray just manage to strip off my shimano torium 20 reel two hundreds meter of mono and braided line and break free. It just keep going with the help of the strong current without any turning back. I lost it after nearly half n hour of tight drag fighting. Below is the video showing ah boi trying to help and the fish keep running. I only able to pump when the fish stop briefly..Sound are affected by the strong wind that night.

Ah Boi went to change his bait….He feel the weight at the end of the line…but he thought tangle my line….so both of us wind back together..Then…..he feel some struggle…..end up a big red snapper below….I use my hand to grab hold of his leader and pull it up….2.5kg is the weight…..Very rare at jetty.

 photo 1aab3e30-cc73-432f-81fe-00b32e6d89dd.jpg

Big Mouth Catfish

Date: 02-03-2013      Time: 0001hrs       Rod: Penn Powergraph  Surf 12ft         Reel: Daiwa Saltist 40        Line: 30lbs braided join with 50lbs mono leader        Rig: Long snood bottom feeder       Bait: Fresh cuttle fish

Caught this big mouth catfish last night. I happen to looking at my line when it dancing up n down…Quickly I went to strike the rod….The fish didn’t fight back but was heavy at the end of the line….Easily wind back and I lift it up with my hand by grabbing to my leader. About 1.5kg in weight.

 photo b2090158-9167-48d4-a54c-cf9b4df14ea9.jpg