Double Gar

Date: 25-02-2017      Time: 7.30am to 12pm.     Rod: Silstar Traverse X 12.6ft      Reel: Shimano Torium 20      Line: 30lbs braided with 50lbs mono leader     Rig: Cable car      Bait: Live tamban.

This morning high tide at 10.20am, so i started off early. Setup my two sets of tackles and start jigging for live bait. Only manage to get two. One i use as live bait on a cable car rig and another one by a bottom feeder.

Not long after this I got my first hit. a Gar fish took my live bait and run..cause my reel alarm to have a screech…I strike my rod and start winding back my line…the fish did a jump on the water surface. As it is not big, I just wind in and use my rod to lift it up.


After this, the water current stop and totally can’t get any live bait fish. It was until the water change direction and start turning down then I manage to caught one.

Quickly rig it and lower it down. Within second…another Gar took the bait. Same it pull along the line and when dive deep. I waited until it pull hard again before I strike and start wind back my line. As usual, it make a jump out of the water surface. Easily I bring it in and lift it up with my rod. Double hit today on surface. but bottom zero as the bait below is not lasting.


Both fishes is given to two elder anglers there who told me they want to eat it.

Update 17 Feb

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share a quick update that I’ve been facing some challenges reviving and due to technical issues.

While I have managed to move several years of content over, some of you may find that some of the pages that you enjoyed may not be available at the moment. I will continue to try my best to bring back as much of the cherished stories and photographs in the weeks to come.
In the meantime, I am excited to put together new information for this site. Do keep a look out for our updates and hope you’ll continue to enjoy them as much!

Two bait one fish

Date: 11-02-2017    Time: 0900 hrs     Rod: Penn Power stick 10ft.     Reel: Silstar AT80 spinning   Line: 30lbs braided with 50lbs mono leader      Rig: Cable car       Bait: Live tamban

Headed down to the jetty early this morning as the tide full at 11am. So it only a few hour left to try my luck. Water is mid way up n current is smooth. But to my surprise, bait fish is super rare. After twenty minute of jigging here n there….none at all. Then come  Sam…a regular tamban jigger. He caught two and pass it to me.
I quickly use a live one on a cable car rig and lower it on one set of tackle. The other tamban i cast it out on a bottom feeder rig with another set of tackle.

Continue on my bait jigging but still no catches. Then 9am…Sam shouted to me fish on…I turn around n saw my rod tip bent…line running out….then a fish jump out from the water surface…Haha…Queen fish… It then dive downward…taking more line…. I tighten more drag on the spool…then the fish swim inward…I wind back my line fast…until I feel tension again.
It leap out of the water once again…after this i manage to take control and surface it…another angler there come with a rope gaff and pull it up. It weigh 3.5kg.