13kg Male & 30kg Female Shovelnose Shark

Here is more photos of the shovelnose shark caught on 26-10-2008.

Read the catch report here: https://shore-angler.com/2008/10/26/shovel-nose-shark

shovelnose 13kg

shovelnose 500x375

Slightly longer than a jetty stone bench

shovelnose 375x500

It is a male shovelnose shark. U can see it has two testicle below the stomach. A female one don’t have this extra thing.

bottom side of shark 500x375

Here U can see a clear picture of the bottom side of the shark. From left – The nostril, mouth,lung,stomach and the anus.

Penn powerstick 500x114.jpg

The surf rod that landed this beauties. A 10ft old Penn power stick. The tip section middle part has been broken when I hit the jetty railing many years back. It was keep in the store all the while until recently I took it out and found another part of a glass rod tip to rebuilt it. With super glue help to join the broken part and redo the guides all over again, the whole rod is resurface as a super big game jetty rod partly built by me. Now it has been proven it power and fully tested.

Penn Jig Master

The reel that caught this beauties. My lucky old Penn 500L Jigmaster. Hold about 250 meter of 30lbs mono line, with a gear ratio of 4:1, it just perfect for jetty big game work. It added another big fish to it belt beside the 25kg cobia I landed last year and many more others.

Line Hook 500x474.jpg

The Mono Line – I mostly use Surecatch power mono line 30lbs. Its cheap and good. Each roll about 250 meter cost only $4.50. I cut or trim off if I found the line is rough or chip.

The Rig – I trust my self tie long snood bottom feeder rig. I use China made 120lbs mono line to tie. Reason is it is stiff enough to hold up big bait like whole bait fish.

The Hook – For this catch I use Pro Tech O’Shaugnessy short shank stainless steel size 5/0.


Near to 30kg Shovelnose shark.



Rod use is Penn Slammer 10.6ft.  Reel is Daiwa Saltist 40.   Rig is Long snood bottom feeder.     Bait is fresh herring.    Fight time is about 20 minutes.    My personal record on Shovelnose shark.