Successful Shore Fishing

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Singapore’s original shoreline has undergone reclamation many years ago. Now, after everything has settled down, marine life has rebuild their home on our shoreline. The reclamation also helped some parts of our shoreline access to deep waters during the full tide. This meant that big fishes could come close to our shoreline to feed. Shore Fishing is the cheapest and easiest way for any angler. You only need to look at the tide-table to decide when to go fishing.

Below are some common types of fishes you can find on our shoreline:
1. Sting-ray
2. Grouper
3. Catfish
4. Eel
5. Sea Bass
6. Snapper
7. Bream
8. Queenfish
9. Barracuda
10. Mullet
11. Wolf Herring

Items needed for Shore Fishing
1. A 12-13ft Surfcasting Rod (Not too stiff and not too soft)
2. A reel (Multiplier or Fix Spool) able to load about 200m of 20-30lbs line
3. Some Casting weight Size 5-7
4. Rig: tie a single hook Size 3/0 or a double hook size 1
5. Bait: (Must be Fresh). Squid, Prawn, Worm, Small bait fish
6. A rod stand holder or a sand pike
7. Rod tip luminous light (For Night Fishing)
8. Head Lamp/ Torch light
9. Small Ice Box to keep your baits fresh
10. Dry cloth to wipe your wet hands
11. A long-nosed pliers to unhook fish

Method for Shore Fishing
For a productive Shore Fishing, the best time to fish is at night when the full tide is 2.6m and above. You also need to fish for 4hrs before and after the full tide. That means you will need to fish at least 8hrs. This is because the fishes will only feed for about 1-2hrs during this 8hrs. Once you find that the fish has started feeding, always change your bait more often (every 10 minutes). This is to make sure that you have bait at your hook when the fish is feeding. If possible, fish with two rods. One rod should be cast far out with a single hook and another cast near with a double hook rig. This maximizes your chance for a hook-up. Rig body should make from 50lbs mono and snood from 30lbs Dupont line for small baits. As for big baits, use 70lbs mono for rig body and 50lbs Dupont line for snood and a 10 inches steel wire tied to a single size 3/0 hook.

Things to look into:
1. Never buy baits from the supermarket (Not as fresh). Buy them from a wet market instead.
2. Never go home when the fish is biting
3. Always bring more than enough bait
4. Do not make loud noises at your fishing spot
5. Never be lazy to change bait
6. Never fall asleep when fishing
7. Bring extra fishing accessories (e.g. hook, line, casting weight)
8. Never feel jealousy to the angler next to you who has a hook-up
9. Never be shy to ask if you are not sure
10. Never squeeze into a spot where there are many other anglers occupying it (even though the spot is your regular place)



Golden Rules for Successful Fishing.

Fish on the time when there is tide and current and not fish on the time you are free.

Best is always use bait that are catch on the spot.

Follow the correct rig method other successful anglers had used and not fancy rig you make your own.

Use the correct tackles set. ( Rod, reel, line poundage, and rig) that match with the bait you use.

Check your cast out bait often so that you don’t have a empty hook when fish come along.

Always check your line, rig and connecting swivel clip for any damage before every fishing trip.