How to Fish on Different Tide and Current Flow

As a land base angler, we got no experience captain or high tech equipment in a fishing boat to help us locate fishes. So a good knowledge on tide n current flow is very important on a fishing trip.

How to read a tide and current flow…

To know how strong or slow the current is on the time you are fishing, here is a simple guide:

Very strong current : From a 0.1 meter low tide up to a 3.1 meter high tide or vice versa. This big different between a tide mean the current will be very strong.

Smooth current flow : This is when the tide chart show that in between the two tide has less different. Eg; from a low of 0.6 meter to a high of 2.4 meter or vice versa.

Slow current flow : When the tide chart show very little different between two tide. Eg: from a low of 1.6 meter to a high of 2.0 meter or vice versa.

How to fish if the current is slow ?

Always use a short snood bottom feeder rig for better bait presentation if the current is slow. U can either tie a single hook or multiple hook rig. Generaly U will get smaller fishes on the slower current as bigger fishes need stronger current to make them move around more.

Why is tide n current flow important to surf fishing ?

As a shore base angler, we need high water on our spot of fishing in order to have fish bite. Especially at a beach. If the time you are fishing has no current flow, you will notice there is no bite at all. Reason is fishes swim and feed along with the current flow. If the current is slow, the fishes will normally stay at one place. It will move when the current move. So always choose to fish when there is a good current flow tide. It will gave you more chances of landing a fish.

How to fish on a strong current flow ?

Use a long snood bottom feeder rig with a single hook. This will make your bait presentation look like a live bait under current flow. will attract fishes which is nearby.

Look at which way the current flow before U cast out. Eg. If current is coming from your left, cast your bait 60% angle toward your left…let the sinker drop to the seabed before you tighten your line and release drag. This will help your line settle down straight in front of your rod position.

Bedok Jetty current flow direction.