Things to know for Beach Fishing

In Singapore, to land a fish from our shoreline, is a difficult task to many anglers and to land a big one or a decent fish is even harder. Many blame on luck but to me, many things need to be done before you proceed to the beach and this is defintely an important factor to note. Here are some tips to follow if you are a serious angler who is determined to succeed in shore angling.

1. Knowing your spot:
You need to choose or select the spot you are going to fish. Once you have chosen, try to go down and check out the place, high and low tide markings and any rocky spot. If possible, talk to the local anglers there on what type of fish you would expect to catch, the best method and bait to use.

2. Tide and Timing:
Look at the tide table and choose a date that has a good high tide and current flow. Fishes seldom bite on dead current.

3. Tackles and Method:
Select the right tackles(light or heavy) you are going to use and which method of rig will be best(eg. groupers, stingrays need baits presented on seabed and queenfishes, barracudas need baits to be presented on mid-water).

4. Selection of baits and its freshness:
Eg. Salong or Seaworms are best for small fishes, squids or small fishes are favourable with the big fishes.

5. Time to start fishing:
From the tide table, you would be able to decide what time to reach the location on that particular day and start fishing(always start at the beginning of incoming tide).

6. Changing of baits:
Never be lazy to check or change your baits every 10-15 minutes. In addition, also check on the sharpness of your hook or any cuts or bruises on your mono snood line. If you are not satisfied, change it.

7. Weather:
The weather will affect your hook-up rate if there is a heavy downpour on that day. Cold strong winds with rough sea surface also affect fish feeding habits.

If you have followed closely to the above mentioned things and then still catch nothing, then you can consider yourself “no luck”. To me, on every fishing trip(in Singapore), if you are able to catch something, whether big or small, good or bad fishes, it is considered to be a successful trip.


Legal shore fishing spots around Singapore Shoreline

Changi beach (the tanjong) beach infront of ubin bound jetty.

Changi beach the part near to carpark 1&2.(End of Telok Paku road)

Changi beach the part near to carpark 3,4 n the calfi jetty.(Along Nicoll Drive)

Changi beach the part from carpark 5-6 n 7. Infront of the cargo terminal n all the way to Changi ferry terminal.(Along Nicoll Drive or go in by Changi ferry terminal road)

Beach on the left n near to the Tanah Merah ferry terminal.

Canal mouth n breakwater on the right of Tanah Merah ferry terminal

Beach n canal infront of the SAF chalets(Changi coast walk)

The Six Pipe(East Coast Park Carpark H)

East coast beach breakwater stone from no: 17 to 24.

Bedok Jetty(East Coast carpark F1&F2)

East coast beach breakwater stone from no: 8 to 16

The Four Pipe.(East Coast carpark D1)

East Coast beach breakwater stone from no: 1 to 7. In between there is two short drainage extension platform look like a mini jetty.

East coast beach infront of Tanjong Rhu or the Helicopter landing  pad(Marina East)

Marina South breakwater starting from outside Marina Barrage to all the way to near the new cruise centre.

Labrador park beach n jetty.

West coast beach.(the part infront of west coast park)

Pandan River.

Tuas northen basin ( End of Tuas South Ave 8. Opposit the shipyard)

Tuas reclaimed Area.

Lim Chu Kang road end n beach nearby.

Kranji beach.

Beach near to Woodland causeway.

Beach near to Senoko power station.

Sembawang beach n jetty.

Breakwater near to Ponggol Marina.(Seventeen Ave.)

Ponggol Jetty n the beach on the right near to coney island.(Sugei Ponggol)

Beach infront of Lorong Halus road end.

Pulau Ubin beach infront of the rock hill

Pulau Ubin jetty n beach on the left facing Changi.

Pasir Ris beach near to the fisherman village.

Pasir Ris beach near river Api Api.

Loyang beach near to the “tua pek kong temple”

Changi walkway bridge between the changi swimming club n the sailing club.

Note: Certain spots here need to cast far in order to get productive. So short fishing rod are not recommended.