What type of Hook should I use for Surf fishing?

There are many types of hook selling at angling shop. Stainless steel, carbon iron, copper hook, Long Shank, Short Shank, Beak hook, Hooks with body barb etc. Which one should you choose ? Its all depend on what types of bait you choose to use and also the size of your bait. Plus what type of fish you are targeting. Surface predator or bottom feeder fish. All this factor is needed to choose the right hook for fishing.

Stainless steel long shank straight (wide gap with sharp point pointing outward)


This type of hook good for big bait like small bait fish and whole squid. The long shank body act as a back bone to support your bait during casting. The wide gap sharp point is more easy to penetrate during the fish bite. Especially those fishes that like to first carry the bait and run before swallowing. But it also has a weak point that it wide gap might open up if your hookup is a monster after a long struggle fight.

Stainless steel short shank straight ( wide gap with sharp point pointing outward)


This type of hook mainly is a live bait hook. The short shank is much stronger than the long shank and not easy to open up. Good for using on live bait and big bait if you add it with a steel wire.

For surf casting, I recommend the above two types of hook. Either you targeting surface predator or bottom fishing, this type of wide gap hook is more easy to hookup during a bite.

Beak Hook(stainless steel, high carbon or copper)


This type of hook the sharp point is pointing inward. Good for those type of fishes that swallow the bait immediately. Especially bottom feeder fish or small size fish. Also recommended for those who use cut bait like prawn meat or cut squid.

I don’t recommend it to use as a live bait hook for surface predator as this type of fish love to carry the bait and run first. Plus as the sharp point is pointing inward, not easy to penetrate during the bite.

Long Shank hook with body barb.( Iron or copper)

This type of hook along the hook body there is two to three barb. Good for those use soft bait like cut fish meat strip, prawn meat or squid. The body barb act to hold the bait in place during casting,

I recommend use this hook for targeting small fishes and those using soft bait. Good for fishing on rough ground also.  Not recommended for targeting biggie as it is easy to open up and bend.