You don’t need deep pockets to catch big fishes. That is my belief.

I started fishing with nothing but a handmade 6 ft. bamboo rod, a modest mono line, a sinker, and a hook, all 50 years ago. I am Alo, from Singapore, and this is where I share my thoughts as an avid shore angler.

Growing up near a famous fishing village called “mata ikan”, which means “fish eyes” in the Malay language, I was hooked from my first taste of shore fishing in 1968, along the unreclaimed natural shoreline of our island. I recall the thrill of venturing out far onto the natural seabed with my humble fishing rod when tides were low. Baits were sea worms that were conveniently dug up from the shore.

While those days have long gone, fishing has been an activity that I have enjoyed regularly since the 1980s and I am no stranger to shore fishing in Singapore.

From the occasional boat fishing to my habitual visits to the jetty today, I enjoy the challenge of experimenting with a variety of fishing equipment. A self-made rod, a modified reel, or an adapted rope gaff could just be some of the handy tools that bring in your biggest catch. I believe that there is never too tough a tackle with the right knowledge and skill to make the most of your gear.

Over the last decade, I have been keeping a record of my shore fishing experiences. On this site, you will find stories about my prized catches, my recent fishing escapades, my personal tips on effective shore fishing, and most importantly, how to get started.

I hope that my stories will inspire you or give you the edge to score your next big catch