How To Fish On Rough Ground

Our shoreline, after reclamation, have many man made breakwater stones. Certain part of this area are quite rough n rocky but it also hold some very good specimen fishes like grouper, parrot fish and snapper. To fish at this area can be very costly as many rigs and sinkers were lost due to snag. We also need a long strong surf rod and a fast retrieve reel to steer the fish away from the snag when there is a hook up. Rig also need to be carefully constructed to minimise the lost.

Important Tips for Rough ground fishing.

1. When retrieving line, pump the rod up n crank your reel handle all the way as fast as possible until you see your rig on the surface of the water.

2. Fish with only one rod at a time. Keep watching the tip of your rod. Strike fast and wind up all the way in if you see any sign of hook up before the fish take cover.

3. Best is hold the rod in your hand for instant reaction.

4. If  there is a hook up and the rig get snag, release some of the line and wait for the next movement. Sometime the fish may able to pull off the snag. If you see your line move, pump the rod up and wind all the way in.

5. Position your rod tip as high as possible to avoid your main line get snag. If possible fish from any high ground so that your line angle to sea level is more than 45 degrees.


Recommended strong surf rod that are available here and are good for rough ground fishing

Penn Powergraph Surf 12ft.
Penn Inx 2 Groundcast 13ft.
Penn Slammer 11.5ft.
Surecatch Pro beach 13ft.
Silstar Traverse X 3680 12.5ft.
Silstar Power Surf 3679 13ft.
Asahi Hurricane 2 12ft.
Asahi Powercast 12ft.
Loomis n Franklin Big Game 12ft.
Cono-flex Highlander 12.5ft
Cono-flex Diablo 13ft.
Cono-flex Nemisses Plus 13ft.
Zziplex ZF 250 13ft.
Century Vectra sport or match 13ft.
Century Kompressor sport or match 13ft.
Century Fireblade sport 13ft.
Century Tip Tornado sport or match 13ft.

Above mention rods have a strong back bone butt and a fast action tip with plenty of power for rough ground fishing.

reels_for_rough_ground_fishingReels and line use for rough ground fishing.

Medium to large size multiplyer with fast retrieval ratio like Abu 7000/7500, Penn 535,555GS, Daiwa SL30,SL50sh and Shimano 700S Calcutta are highly recommended. Any big size fixedspool reel is also good. Main line should be at least 20 to 30lbs throughout to withstand the abrasion.





Type of hooks, big baits and minimum size plain sinker for rough ground fishing.

Hooks use on rouhook_n_sinkergh ground should be wide gap and prefer iron made so that it is easier to dislodge or open up when pull if it is snag. Big baits like whole squid or small fishes is recommended so that they last longer to avoid snag during changing of bait. As distance casting is not necessary on rough ground fishing, minimum size plain casting sinker is recommended to avoid lost n also for easy  retrieving. Size 2 plain sinker for 20lbs main line and size 4 plain sinker for 30lbs main line are best recommended. A flexible grip sinker can be use but not fixed grip sinker as it is not practical here and will only cause more snag.


Specially constructed rig for rough ground fishing.

Rigs used on rough ground are always recommended to make as simple as possible so as to minimise the chances of getting snag. Normally a single hook is used and the hook snood should tied higher to the rig body so that it is away from the rough ground. Both lines should be at least 30-50lbs to withstand any abrasion. Connect the rig body to the sinker with a short 15lbs mono line for easy breakoff should the sinker get snag.