Queen Fish on first bait

Date: 18-08-2020 Time: 1930 hrs Rod: Penn Power stick 10ft. Reel: Shimano Torium 20 Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder Bait: fresh Herring(Tamban)

As usual went for a short trip. Tide is on the way up. Current is smooth and the bait is lasting. Tonight I only cast one rod out as i also catching arrow squid so don’t want to be too busy.

Before the last light manage to jig some fresh bait to use. Ah Boy come along to catch squid but didn’t fish. I told him the water is nice and the bait lasting so chances is great for fishing.

While chatting with him, suddenly my reel alarm sounded…I pickup the rod to strike…fish on…quite heavy but not that big…I ask him to prepare my gaff.

The fish was moving around so i know it is not a stingray but i can’t tell what fish is it. It just struggle hard and follow the current flow. I just keep gaining back line and the fish move close to the jetty. It try hard wanted to go below the jetty but I lift my rod upward to prevent it. Finally it surface up. Queen fish…It didn’t jump off the water surface due to my heavy sinker.

Ah Boy do a fast gaff on it and haul it up. It weigh 5.4 kg.

Pre National Day Reward

Date: 07-08-2020 Time: 2040 hrs Rod: Penn Powerstick 10.6ft Reel: Shimano Torium 20 Rig: Long snood Bottom Feeder Bait: Fresh Tamban

Tonight start the long weekend as this Sunday will be our National day and follow by Monday will be a public holiday.

Went there around 6pm and the place is already crowded as Singapore has lots of anglers. Our island are surrounded by water, so shore fishing is naturally become a common hobby. Fishing is also a survival skill and who know you might need it one day when time are bad and food are rare. Especially where most of our food depend on import.

Tide was on the way up when i cast down my bottom bait. It last quite awhile and this are sign of a likely chance of hitting a fish bite.

True enough, around 2040 hrs, my reel screech with the line slake. I pickup the rod and strike….Yes…fish on…you can feel a weight at the end of the line. I slowly wind in and it struggle along the way. When surface, a grouper was in sight. I ask my friend to grab hold of my squid net and scoop it up. Estimate it weigh around one kg plus.

80kg Honeycomb Whip Ray landed

Date: 30-07-2020 Time: 6pm to 9+pm Rod: Penn Slammer 10.6ft Reel: Surf Master 30 Line: 30 lbs braided joint with 60 lbs mono leader Rig: Long snood bottom feeder Bait: Fresh Tamban

Reach there around 5.30 pm. Tide was on the way up while current was smooth. Jig for some fresh bait and cast out two rods. One on bottom rig and the other on cable car rig for surface predator.

It was the second change of bait for the bottom feeder rig. While i was chatting with a friend, i saw my rod tip bend a bit. I thought it was sea weed that flow and tangle on my main line. It follow by another tip bend. I went to pickup the rod and strike. Wow…it just go off and strip my line out. The first run strip of half my spool line straight toward the deeper water. It stop for a while. I try to pump and gain line but it doesn’t allow. It was too heavy…then follow by another run out…stripping another half of the half spool. I balance only a quarter of line left on the spool. I thought i am going to have and empty spool. Luckily, it stop and i manage to gain cm by cm of line back.

With the help of few friends who help to take turn to fight, we manage to gain back half spool of line. It then move again the current flow. We fought hard and gain back cm by cm of line. After 3 hours plus of hard work, we are in control of the fish. By now the current start to pickup and strong.

Finally we able to surface it. Four gaffs was used to bring it up with few friends putting all their effort to help.

We had to cut up the fish and weigh it part by part to get the actual weight of the fish. Final weight add up to 80kg. The fish was share among many friends. This fish could be the second heaviest that have caught at bedok jetty since it open in 1974.

Look at the tail….just as it name…a whip
Size of a five person hawker table top
The rod that haul up this 80kg fish…Penn Slammer 10.6ft.
This reel bring up the fish…..Surf Master 30

Bull Tail Stingray

Date: 11-07-2020

Simon Yeo landed this bull tail stingray last night when the tide was on the way up. Person in picture is not Simon Yeo but his friend Ah Qiang. The fish estimate around 30kg. This bull tail stingray is rare as compare to other ray types like brown stingray and leopard ray. The back bone is thick n heavy as you can see the bulk. It got it name as the tail is just look like a bull tail.


Date: 01-07-2020      Time: 1800 hrs.      Rod: Penn Slammer 10.6ft.       Reel: Surf Master 30        Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder        Bait: Fresh Herring

After work go for a short trip. Tide is on the way up, full around 2000 hrs.. Current flow is smooth. Only a strong southern wind blowing endlessly.

Jig for some fresh bait and cast out two sets of tackle on bottom feeder rig. A while later while i was jigging for more baits, a friend come along and saw my rod tip rattle. He call for me and before I pick up the rod, the reel screech. I strike hard and the fish swim inward. Very fast it surface up. A cobia was floating on the water while i wind back. I grab hold of my leader and haul it up the jetty. Estimate around 2 to 3 kg in weight.


Stingray and Snapper

Date: 20-06-2020       Time: 2200 hrs -2400 hrs     Surf Rod: 11ft. Loomis President & 13ft. Century kompressor      Reel: Shimano spinning & Shimano Torium 30       Rig: Short snood bottom feeder & Long snood bottom feeder      Bait: Squid

Simon was the first to start the show when the rain drizzling  and tide was about to full. His 11ft. loomis rod was fully bend when the fish took his bait and go for a run. After few minutes of tug at war, Simon bring the fish close in n was gaff up. 8kg white spotted stingray.


Just few minutes later, Ah An reel had a short screech. He strike his Century kompressor  rod and the fish is on. The fish didn’t fought much as the size is small. He wind back and Ah Boy used the squid net to scoop it up. It was a fingermark snapper about 1.5kg.


Simon did landed another two fishes. A 800g Sweet lip (kaci) and a baby barracuda. Ah Boy also caught a small Cobia in the late evening and release it back for future game.



Wolf Herring on Jetty Re open

Date: 19-06-2020      Time: 0730 hrs      Rod: Penn Slammer 10.6ft       Reel: Shimano Torium 20       Rig: Cable car      Bait: Live herring

The jetty was close two over month due to a lock down on convid 19. Today it re open. I actually wanted to go after mid night but the weather keep drizzling.

I head down around 5 am. Tide was just turning up. Current was smooth. Set up two set of tackles on bottom feeder rig. Did try to catch some squid but none at all.

When sky turn bright i quickly jig two live bait and slide down on both rods. Around 7.30am i saw my rod tip bend, i quickly pickup and strike. The fish make one jump on the water surface. Its a wolf herring. I use the rod to lift it up.



Shovel nose shark

Date: 05-04-2020      Time: 2100 hrs      Rod: Penn Slammer 10.6 ft.     Reel: Daiwa Saltist 40       Rig: Long Snood bottom feeder.    Bait: Fresh Tamban

As usual go for a short trip in the evening. Tide is coming up and current is strong as it is full moon tonight. Manage to jig for some fresh bait before last light

Set up two sets of tackles. Both on bottom feeder rig. Initially bait was not lasting but it changes when tide is mid way up.

I was searching for squid under my lamp when i heard a reel alarm sounded. Rush over to the rod and I strike hard. The fish took a long run even after i tighten my drag. Stripping out all my entire mono leader which is about 100 plus meter long. It stop after and i started to pump and gain line back. It started to run out again when I manage to gain back half the distance of line. But it didn’t run far and i was gaining line again. Once it near to the jetty and almost surface that it took another last run for a dive. Once it stop I keep pump and wind and manage to surface it. The first sight of it was a diamond head pop up. Wow…Shovel nose and not stingray which i thought as during the fight it didn’t show any sign of a hookup shovel nose like leaping up and try to shake out the hook.

First gaff was on spot hook on it mouth and firm. To lift up such a big fish up the jetty, I pluck in another two rope gaffs so that to even out the weight for a smooth lifting. Estimate this fish is near to 30kg in weight. This is my personal best record on this fish species.




Wolf Herring

Date: 04-04-2020      Time:1915 hrs      Rod: Penn Power Stick 10 ft.      Reel: Shimano Torium 20      Rig: Cable car      Bait: Live herring

Go for a few hours of fishing as the tide is coming up and full around 2130 hrs tonight. Current was strong aided by the strong wind blowing from eastern Singapore.

Manage to get a few live bait and set up two sets of tackles. One on bottom and the other on surface rig.

It was almost the last light that i had this strong bite. The fish pull cause my reel alarm to sound. I strike the rod hard and wind back line. The fish make two acrobatic jump on the water surface. It can see clearly a wolf herring about near to a kg in size.

I use my rod to lift it up when it near the jetty.