Fish Won…I lost at the last minute.

Date: 17-04-2019      Time: 2030hrs      Rod: Penn Slammer white 10.6ft       Reel: Daiwa Saltist 40       Rig: Long snood bottom feeder     Bait: Fresh Tamban

Went there around 6 plus….Tide was on the way up….Current is strong with a powerful eastern wind blowing endlessly.

Setup two sets of tackle on bottom feeder rig. Bait was quite lasting. Just waiting for my alarm to sound.

Then come 2030hrs…The alarm sounded….I strike hard….Fish ON….it taking out line for the first run…..about 100 meter line out with the assist of the strong current flow. I manage to stop it and able to gain inch and inch of line back. My mind was thinking shouldn’t be too big. But with the strong current, it take me about 30 minutes to bring it back close to the jetty.

But after so much hard workout, it just refused to surface up…By now then I realise it is much bigger than i thought. The very moment when it almost surface, it dive back down.

After much struggle, I finally able to surface it….Wow…It is a leopard ray…with a size of about three feet in diameter. Estimate should be around 30-40kg in weight as a leopard ray body is much thicker than a brown ray. No wonder so hard to surface it.

My friend ah wee try two time to gaff it while it surface but fail. Then the fish try going under the jetty…I had no choice but to stop it at all cost. My main line snap on the part near the rig swivel. The fish won on his last fight for freedom.

Overall, I am very happy to see the fish although I didn’t land it. It gave me such a wonderful workout and I think this is what the sea dragon king present me for my coming 62 birthday.

Queen Fish

Date: 06-04-2019      Time:0920am      Rod: Penn Power Stick 10ft.       Reel: Shimano Torium 20       Rig: Cable Car       Bait: Live Herring


Went there early around 9am. Tide is coming up and the current flow is smooth. Live bait is easily available so I set up two sets of tackle. Both on bottom and surface bait.

The bottom bait is not lasting. But i didn’t intend to change it as i wanted to concentrate on the surface live bait under this type of water condition.

True enough….the reward come around 0920hrs. I was fixing up my sun shade tent when my reel alarm go screaming….ZZZeee..zzeee..zzzeee…I drop everything just grab the rod and strike…Yes….fish on….One acrobatic jump…another one….as the fish try to unhook on the water surface…then…it dive deep down…swimming toward my direction…I had to wind in fast to catch up with it.

After some struggle….I surface it…once i saw it had weaken, I use my rod to lift it up.


No Big only small

Date: 24-03-2019

Last night went for a short trip with friend. When the tide just started to move up, my rod tip got a small rattle. After a while, I wind back the rod and found this Lizard fish on it.


Today around 10am, I went for another short trip. Did saw a few small queen fish jumping out of the water surface when they chasing bait fish. But just no bite come along. Only when the tide is full and about to turn when my rod reel screech. Wind back and lift up this small queen fish.


The only herring I have this evening..

Date: 05-03-2019      Time: 2030hrs       Rod: Old Penn Power stick 10ft       Reel: Shimano Torium 20       Line: 30lbs Braided with 50lbs mono leader       Rig: Long Snood bottom feeder       Bait: Fresh herring


Reach there around 6pm. Tide just turn up and current flow is very slow. Start jigging for fresh bait fish but due to the slow current, it didn’t bite. After some hard work until the last light, only manage to get two kat kat fish and a pcs of tamban.

Luckily the past few night the bait cast out was so lasting. So with just three baits should be enough for my short night session.

First bait cast out was a kat kat fish as i reserved the only tamban for the time when the current move a little faster which is the best chances fishes will bite.

As predicted, the kat kat bait was so lasting. Only part of it head was bitten by crab when i change bait around 8pm as the current start to move faster.

Down goes the tamban and it is waiting time. Then…around 2030hrs, my reel alarm scream…I was just around and pick up the rod and strike….Yes…fish on….It move inward toward the jetty. I had to wind in the line fast to catch up with it. Just before the jetty, i manage to surface it. A long tail brown stingray around 3kg plus.

As i was alone, I keep the fish  above water surface so as to weaken it down. After awhile, I ask a boy who was fishing next to me to help hold up my rod so that I able to take my rope gaff to gaff it up.


Fishing Jetty of Western Australia

I recently make a camper trip to Perth Western Australia. I took the Indian ocean drive route and visit few fishing jetty facing the Indian Ocean. The scenic is beautiful. Water is clear and even novice angler caught fishes. I didn’t do any fishing there as I did not bring any tackle there.

Most of their petrol station that are near to the beach did sell frozen fishing bait and tackles. So for those who happen to be there, you can just grab some bait from them and go fishing.

My self drive two persons High Top camper van.


Geraldton Bay Break water north of Perth.


A angler caught a whiting fish.


Jurien Bay Jetty north of Perth.



A Taylor fish caught by a novice angler.


Sun Setting at Jurien Bay Jetty


Woodman Point Jetty south of Perth.




Live Bait.


And never missed their fresh Fish n Chip

Spotted Eel and Gar Fish

Date: 15-02-2019

Last night go for a short trip and caught this spotted eel. Bait was a small kunning fish. This fish is release back to the sea.


Date: 16-02-2019

This afternoon go for another short trip. End up caught this small Gar fish on a cable car rig with live herring as bait.



Date: 27-12-2018       Time: 1930hrs      Bait: Fresh Tamban      Rig: Long snood bottom feeder.

Went for a short trip tonight. Tide was going down. Just manage to get three fresh tamban before last light. On my second bait cast come this small barracuda. It took my hook and the reel went screeching. I strike and easily wind in. Used my rod to lift it up.


Shovelnose shark

Date: 11-11-2018      Bait: Fresh squid.       Rig: Long Snood bottom feeder.

My friend Yusof caught this shovelnose shark two week back. It take an hour plus to land it by few anglers effort. Estimate around 20-30kg in weight.


Catch and Release

Date: 18-10-2018       Time: 2105hrs.     Rod: Penn Slammer 10.6ft      Reel: Shimano Torium 20       Rig: Long snood bottom feeder      Bait: Fresh baby squid.

Tide is on the way down. As usual I went to catch squid but tonight I decide to bring  a set of tackle along. My aim is to use those very small squid( one inches size) as bait. Reason is this very small size squid not good for keeping as future bait.

On my second cast, this one kilo plus stingray took my bait. It cause my reel alarm to sound. I had to stop scooping the squid to strike the rod. As the current was not strong, I just slowly wind back. When surface, I use the rod to lift it up. After photo taking, I decide to release it back.



Date: 05-10-2018      Time: 2030hrs       Rod: Penn Slammer 10.6ft white.       Reel: Daiwa Sealine 50       Rig: Long snood bottom feeder       Bait: frozen squid.

Jamie Baba hook up this 3.5kg Barracuda  when the tide was just turning down. This fish took his squid bait and run causing his reel to scream a few times before he got to his rod and strike. As the down tide current flow had pick up by now, the fish gave him some good struggle before he able to surface it up. I gaff it up for him.