Long Tail Brown Stingray

Date: 01-10-2022. Time: 0900hrs. Rod: Daiwa 12ft 3pcs joint. Reel: Spinning. Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder. Bait: Fresh Tamban.

Friends Simon Yeo hookup this 26kg long tail brown stingray this morning. The fish gave him a good workout for awhile before he manage to bring it surface. With some friends help, the fish was gaff n bring up. This fish is up to now the biggest that have hookup at Bedok jetty for this year. Just another three month to go before the year end. Hope more will come.

3.9kg Threadfin Salmon

Date: 27/09/2022. Time:1910hrs. Rod: Penn Slammer 9ft. Reel: CTS 12000. Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder. Bait: Fresh Tamban.

Suppose to go on this morning trip, but last minute decided to go on the evening as yesterday trip was not fruitful. Haha..

Reach there quickly set up two tackles set and cast out with frozen tamban as bait. Then I start to jig for fresh bait. It was end of down tide and the current still haven’t change direction. At this period of time fresh bait was very difficult to jig. With some hard work, I manage to caught just seven of it.

When tide turn up, i quickly change to fresh bait. I was eating my pack of dinner when i saw my rod tip rattle. I stop my dinner and grab hold of the rod and strike hard. Yes, fish on. Feeling not very big but has some fight at the line end. I slowly wind back and it did some struggle along the way. When it surface, i was no surprise as i had the feeling it could be this fish. I ask a young angler there to grab hold my landing net and lower it down to the water surface. I drag the fish into the net and he pull it up.

The landing net.

Small Queen Fish

Date:12-09-2022. Time: 1430 hrs.

Went for a short day trip. Tide already turn down about one n a half hour ago. I was started to pack up when i saw my last rod tip rattle. I strike hard and up it come this small queenie. It had taken my live bait on a slide down rig. I use my rod to haul it up.

Queen Fish

Date: 27-08-2022 Time: 1240 hrs. Rod: Penn Slammer 9ft. Reel: Silstar AT 80 spinning. Rig: Slide down live bait.

Tide already full and still no action. I decided to change bait. When I wind back the line, I feel there is some struggle at the end of the line. I know I had hookup something. I slowly wind back and come surface this Queenie. It had taken my live bait and stay quietly without rattle my rod tip. I play the fish until it weak then use my rod to haul it up.

Threadfin 1.6kg

Date: 10-08-2022 Time: 2100hrs Rod: Penn Slammer 10ft. Reel: CTS 12000 Spinning. Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder. Bait: Fresh Tamban (Herring)

Another night of short trip. Manage to jig some fresh bait before last light. Tide is on the way up and the current flow was smooth. Just about another half hour to go before full tide, the current started to change direction. I saw my rod tip rattle. I waited for it to bend then I strike hard. The fish quickly swim inward. When it almost surface up, it take a deep dive downward stripping some of the line out. I had to resurface it and saw it was a Threadfin. I steady the fish and use my rod to haul it up. Luckily it only hook on the side of the mouth and the hook part already had a tear opening. If I had delay, I might lost the fish.

Small Queenie

Date:3007-2022. Time: 10.40hrs

Go for a short day trip as the bait is more lasting then the night fishing. Caught this Queenie on a surface rig with live bait.

Round Travelly and Fingermark Snapper

Date: 25-07-2022. Time: 2131hrs. Rod: Penn Powergraph Surf 12ft. Reel:Reelsking 10000 Spinning. Rig: Long snood bottom feeder. Bait: Fresh Herring.

Caught the Round Travelly in the early evening while jigging for fresh bait. It gave a good fight on my light tackle.

The Fingermark Snapper took the tamban bait around 2130hrs when the tide turn down n current start to pickup fast.

Desaru Beach

Went for a short stay at The Westin Desaru Coast. But the beach Infront was not allow to do shore fishing. I had to drive another ten over kilometer further down to Batu Layer beach to fish. I also forgotten to bring my own bait so just bought some dead prawn to stop my hand itch. But the bait was not lasting after cast out. Only manage to caught a small fish.

The Westin Desaru
Batu Layer beach


Date: 11-07-2022 Time: 2230hrs. Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder. Bait: Fresh Herring

Went for a short trip in the evening on this holiday night. Tide is on the way up but current flow is slow. Can’t get any tamban on this uptide. Luckily friend Simon Yeo was there and he passed me about twenty pcs on his early catch.

The water change direction early as the down tide has a strong current flow. Bait was not lasting at this period. Need to be hard working to change bait constantly.

Lucky enough, around 2230hrs, I manage to wind back this 30 over cm long Threadfin when i found out that my line n the rod tip had a ninety degree angle. This cause me to check on the bait. The fish could have hookup when I was searching for squid on my light and didn’t notice it. As the current was so strong, immediately after hookup, the fish was wash away by the current flow n result without hitting the reel alarm.