Surf Fishing Accessories & Things You Can D.I.Y

Keeping your ready tie rig.
Most season anglers will have keep different types of fishing rig ready to use. This will save time n trouble especially at night where places without light. Here is how I keep all my different kind of rigs n are easily access even at places without light.

My rig wallet- The disc bagrig_wallet
Hahaha….look funny right ? But it is very useful. Cheap n good will only cost a dollar each. It has 10 leaflets with about 20 pockets on both side. The best thing is it has a zip that can zip up n close it. This make it look tidy n handy.



Take a look insirig_wallet_ade this disc bag

Haha….look at those pocket. It has a opening for easy to store n take out the rig. Just simply coil up your rig n stuff it inside. It also easy for you to arrange like keep the SSBF rig on the front part n the LSBF rig on the back part or vice versa.


gaffRope gaff for jetty big game fishing
This is a specially custom make rope gaff. This gaff will come to useful when a monster fish is surface below a high jetty. The two ring on the gaff is for attaching the rope. This gaff will then fixed onto a long pole n bring to where the fishes surface. Once gaff, the pole will be taken off n the fish will be bring up by pulling the rope. A must item for big game land base angler.

colemanboxSmall Ice box for baits
The purpose of this ice box is to keep your bait in tip top condition. As we are in the hot weather climax, the bait deteriorate very fast if expose to air. Simply filled in two bottle of tape water on those mineral water bottle n keep them in the freezer the night before your trip. This will act as the ice for your trip. The advantages is it cold enough to keep your bait fresh n the ice will only melt in the bottle. Your can recycle it if U want by just wash it n put it back into the freezer for the next trip use. It also can use to wash your hand after every fishing trip.


This is a bedok jetty tamban rig. It is tie by those regular tamban jigger. It cost three rigs for five dollar. After use can wash it with fresh water and air dry. Keep it back and can re-use on your next trip as long as the hook don’t get rusty.


“V “shape Aluminium Beach rod stand. This rod stand can firmly push deep into the sandy beach. You no need to worried it will fall if a big fish pull. Easy to wash and will not rusty.


This is a D.I.Y. rope gaff. Using a size 13/0 Fishing hook.


Rod Holder ?

You don’t really need a rod holder to hold your rod at the jetty. Two velcro strap that for binding book will do the job. Easy, Fast and light.



A D.I.Y. fish landing net for jetty or pier. You just need to lower this net until the round frame on the water surface. Use your fishing rod to drag the fish in the net. Pull the net up and your catches is safely landed.


Fast Dry Epoxy for you to repair your rod guide. After mixed both equal amount, quickly apply on rod guide. It dry fast.