Rigging Your Baits for Surf Fishing


For Surf Fishing, we sometimes need to cast far away from the shoreline. So it is important for proper rigging of the baits as this will avoid it being flown away during a powerful cast. Otherwise, you might be fishing with an empty hook! Below are some ways to rig the different types of baits:

Whole Squid or Cuttlefish
1. Use a long shank hook tied to a steel wire
2. Hook three times starting from the squid tail then through the midbody and lastly, through the head. Make sure the hook point is pointing out.

Dead prawn (with or without the shell)

  1. Use a long shank hook about the size of the prawn. Start to hook it from the tail and through the body and out from the head. (Almost the same method that you use to hook your worms.)


Dead Fish (e.g tamban (herring) or whiting)

  1. A stainless steel hook tied to a steel wire
    2. A bait thread needle
    3. Either you hook from the head to the tail of the bait fish or vias versa.
    4. If without the thread needle, you can hook at the body part of the dead fish and then thread the steel wire under the gill and out from the fish’s mouth.


Hooking a Live Bait Fish
Live bait fishes can be hooked on the tail or the top body part near to the dorsal fin (see photo above). However, this type of hooking is not suitable for powerful casting.

Note: Always use a small cooler box to keep your baits fresh. It will enable you a better catch rate.

Methods and Baits use for catching fishes commonly found in our shoreline.

STINGRAY Where: Beach with sandy sea bed or entuary area.

                Rig: A long or short snood single hook flapper (Bottom feeder)

                Hook: Prefer long shank hook size 1/0 to 5/0 with wire trace.

                Bait: Big bait like whole squid, tamban or sandeel work best.

BARRAMUNDI or KBL-Where: River mouth or entuary opening.

                Rig: Single hook short snood flapper or Apollo rig or a float rig.

Hook: Live bait hook size 1/0 to 6/0

Bait: Live prawn or small live fishes.

SNAPPER or Ang Cho Kee- Where: Area with hard seabed, river channel or entuary openning.

Rig: Double hooks paternoster or apollo rig.

Hook: Beak or live bait hook size 1 to 4/0

Bait: Live prawn, beach worm, cut squid or small bait fishes

GROUPER-Where: Rocky area around breakwater stone or pillar below any sea structure.

 Rig: Single hook short snood bottom feeder with big bait.

Hook: Any type of hook size 1/0 to 5/0

Bait: Dead prawn, cut squid or any cut bait fish.

CHERMINWhere:Daytime infront of high sea wall or breakwater stone.

Rig: Double hook paternoster or apollo rig.

Hook: Live bait or beak hook size 4 to 1/0.

Bait: Live prawn, dead prawn meat or beach worm.

MARINE CATFISHWhere:Night time at beach or jetty one hour into high tide and after.

Rig: Single or double hook bottom feeder or apollo rig.

Hook: Any type of hook with size 1/0 to 5/0

 Bait: Big cut squid, dead prawn or any big bait fish

SICKLE FISH or CHOW XIWhere: Infront of any seaside high wall, breakwater stone or jetty pillar.

Rig: Double hooks paternoster or apollo rig.

Hook: Prefer live bait hook or beak hook size 4 to 1/0

Bait: Live prawn, prawn meat or sea worm.

Note: You can also use this method to catch all type of bream fish.

QUEEN FISHWhere:Daytime at any fast current flow area with lots of bait fish around.

Rig: Live bait cable car method or single hook high snood paternoster rig.

Hook: Live bait or Long shank hook size 1/0 to 5/0 with wire trace.

Bait: Live bait fish or whole dead fish.

NOTE: Barracuda, Wolf Herring, Garfish share the above same method.

EEL TYPE CATFISHWhere: Any beach or river with muddy seabed.

Rig: Single or double hook apollo rig.

Hook: Any type of hook size 4 to 1/0.

 Bait: Cut squid, dead prawn, worm or bait fish.

THREADFINWhere: Beach, jetty or river entuary with clear water.

Rig: Single or double bottom feeder or apollo rig.

 Hook: Prefer live bait or long shank hook size 1/0 to 5/0.

Bait: Live bait fish, live prawn, squid or dead bait fish.

CONGER EEL-Where: Beach or jetty with rocky seabed.

Rig: Single hook bottom feeder.

Hook: Any type of hook size 1/0 to 5/0 with wire trace

Bait: Big bait like whole squid or bait fish.

NOTE: Please refer to “Successful shore fishing” for the method of rig tying if needed.


How to stored your freshly jig Tamban in the best condition.

 Here is the method to keep it fresh.

1)Always bring a small icebox along when you go for tamban jigging.

2)keep the tamban into the icebox immediately after caught. Do not left it on the floor to dry especially if the floor is hot or wet after raining. Any contact with either one the tamban is no more lasting.

3)After your jigging trip, once reach home, get two layer of old newspaper and put about 6-8 of them on the newspaper n wrap it up tightly. This newspaper will absorb the water vapour from the ice n keep the tamban in original condition.

4)After all baits is wrap up, Keep two to three packed into those ice cream container or any cover container n close the cover tight then store it at the freezer compartment.

5)When you need to use it for a fishing trip, just took out the amount of bait you needed n leave the rest untouch. Once defrost, you will find your tamban still very fresh.