How to Jig for Bait Fish at Bedok Jetty

I notice many newbie anglers don’t know how to jig for bait fish at bedok jetty


 Here are the things to look into before you headed down to bedok jetty for bait jigging.


1. Timing.

Although the jetty can fish at anytime, but if you want good catch of bait fish, best is early morning around 7am. Everyday this time bait fish will come near to the jetty before moving out to other parts of the sea when the sun rise up. Or when a tide is changing. Or in the early evening around 5pm…where they will return before sky dark.

2. Direction.

Always fish on the side where you face the on coming current flow. Fishing on the wrong side will get you nothing.

3. Small tackles.

Use a light set of tackle..rod 5-6ft lenght and small size 1000 spinning reel. The light weight tackle will not tired your arm when jigging too long.

4. Tamban Rig.

Buy the green and white thread rig there. This rig are tie by those regular there and it work nicely. Each packet is S$2.00 and S$5.00 for 3 packets. You can buy at some tackle shop but make sure you buy those in white n green thread on small hook. You can re-used this rig again if you wash it with fresh water after each trip and air dry it.

5. Sinker.

Use only size 1 or 1/2 size sinker. If your sinker too heavy…it will sink your rig too fast downward and the bait fish might can’t catch up with that. End up less catches.

6. Jigging Method.

You may experience at the same spot, others are catching and you are not..This is because your method maybe wrong. Here are few method you can try…depend on the current flow of the day.

Fast current– cast the rig to the water surface, try to maintain the rig near to the surface by winding the line. You can try jigging near to pillar also as some bait fish might hang around there to get protected.

Slow current- Use a lighted sinker…this will slow down the sinking of your rig…giving time for the bait fish to spotted it. Use a slow motion action to jig…let the fish can catch up with your rig. OR let your rig sink deeper in the water…sometime they prefer to stay lower down due to strong surface wind.

Fast jigging action.- Some time it really rare…so use this method to attract them. Cast down the rig just below water surface…jig in a fast action up n down…it will create alots of motion near to water surface…this will attract bait fish from far to come nearer.

IMG_20170312_093421_1489307363060 Tamban

kunning20170225_090806 Kunning

img_20170225_092349 Kambong

selar-feb5-469f-a930-6073949b9e14 Selar(stripe body longer n tail yellow color)

img_20170303_185423_1488554345063 Selarpan(body wider n more round)

img_20170303_185408_1488554400755 Kat kat fish

Above are the six types of bait fish that you can get by day jigging at the jetty.


Night herring or Tua bak. This fish only can caught by night jigging.