Bedok Jetty Biggest Catches

Bedok jetty is one of Singapore most popular salt water fishing spot here. Located on the east coast of Singapore. The jetty was 300 meter long extended out to the sea where it give land base angler a very rare deep water place to fish. With the constant bait fish around daily, it also attracted big fishes to come close to hunt for food. Everyday round the clock there is always anglers there to “guard” this jetty hopefully to have some catches. Below is the result of the biggest catches and the sub species I have known up to date for this year.

Latest up to date:

A angler use a handline spool landed this big contour ray this morning (28-05-2019) Estimate around 30 to 40 kg. What a rare catch. Congratulation to the angler.



Enjoy this sunset view on the city skyline from the jetty.




This 25kg Cobia is the biggest fish landed at Bedok Jetty for year 2007. Will there be another one this year ? What type of species is it ? Will it be bigger or smaller ? Who is YEAR 2019 TOP ANGLER at BEDOK JETTY ? Let wait and see….


Year 2008 biggest fish landed was a 33kg Brown Stingray caught by a angler using a Zzipplex profile rod but was fought by 5 other anglers who take turn to tame the monster. The rod owner himself didn’t handle the fish.

Year 2009 biggest fish landed was a 31kg Shovel Nose Shark caught by angler Simon. Fight by angler LK,TK, Simon n me. I gaff it also. 

Year 2010 biggest fish caught was a 24kg Stingray by me. I fought it alone and gaff by Mr Tyre.

Year 2011 biggest fish caught was a Estimate near to 18kg Shovelnose Shark

Year 2012 biggest fish caught was a 43kg Stingray by angler Wei Min. Another angler help him to fight the fish and I gaff it up for him.

Year 2013 biggest fish caught was a 15kg Stingray by Ah An

Year 2014 biggest fish caught was a 65kg Contour ray by a angler at mid part of the jetty. But the fish was fought by his two young friends.

Year 2015 biggest fish caught was a 16.1kg Stingray by Ah Boi

Year 2016 (Unknown) but there is two time I personally encounter. First is a six hour long tug of wall between fish and four anglers take turn to fight. End up fish win. Second is a two n half hours tug of wall between fish and six anglers take turn to fight. End up fish win also.

Year 2017 biggest fish caught is Ah An 40kg Stingray. He fought it himself and gaff up by a friend there.

Year 2018 biggest fish is a 30 plus kg Stingray caught by a regular angler with help of 4 others.


Here is a video show the one way submarine on 08-03-2013 night. Video show ah boi initially trying to help..but the fish keep running non stop. I only able to pump when it stop briefly. Sound are affected by the strong wind that night.


Ah Boi caught this 2.5kg Red Snapper on 08-03-2013 night. What a rare catch at jetty.