How to Fight & Land a Big Fish at Bedok Jetty

Tackles needed:

1) A smooth drag big size reel pair with a 10ft to 12ft strong n stiff rod.

2) 30lbs mono line is the best.

3) Size 6 or 7 sinker to hold bottom.

4) Long snood bottom feeder rig.

5) Big bait like whole tamban or squid.

6) Size 4/0 to 6/0 Stainless steel hook with wire trace.

Fighting technics

A) When U heard the reel alarm sounded or saw your rod tip bend with line running out, pick up the rod and STRIKE STRAIGHT AWAY. Do not waste time on tightening the drag or close the reel alarm click. 

B) After the hook is set, now U can slightly tighten the drag n close the alarm click.

C) Now look at your line n see which direction the fish swim. If at night look at your rod tip. The direction your rod tip pointed will tell U which direction the fish is swimming to.

D) Allowed the fish to run it out. Pump the rod n gain back line when the fish stop running. If the fish start run again, let it run n do the same when it stop.

E) If U find that your drag is too tight after the fish taking out too much line, back drag alittle bit. U can tell this sign by watching if your rod is fully bend n the line seem is too tight to move out from your spool during the fish pull.

F) Keep your rod tip pointed high up at 45 degree angle all the while and keep your mind cool during the tug of war fight.

G) Pump your rod and gain back any line whenever chance U have.

H) If the fish has surface up n moving sideway, keep yourself parallel position with the fish by moving side way along the jetty.

I) If the fish is swimming inward toward the jetty, quickly wind back your line as fast as possible by standing on the railing. The shorter line between the fish n U will gave U a better chance of landing it. By now your rod tip should pointed down on the sea surface.

J) If the fish trying to swim under the jetty, Use your rod to steer it out by lifting it sideway.

K) Once the fish is tire out, hold it on the water surface by lifting your rod n call in for gaff. Make sure U have eyeball contact with the fish all the time.

L) Once the fish is gaff, slightly loosen your line a bit and let the gaff person bring up your catch. Remember to keep your eye on every movement until the fish is haul up on the flooring. This is to prevent your line snap if happen the fish is drop down again.

M) If it is a stingray, step on the tail part and get a plier to break up the poisonous sting n throw it into the sea immediately. If it is a barracuda or a conger eel, prevent or warn peoples who gather around to see not to go too close as it sharp teeth can inflict deep cut.