How to do a Cable Car Rig

CABLE CAR RIG: A live bait rig to target surface predator from a jetty or pier.


This rig is design to secure the live bait at a spot and it able to swim freely about 1-2ft below water surface. Main target is those surface predator like wolf herring, queenfish, barracuda, barramundi, mackeral or Gar Fish. It only can use at a jetty, pier or fishing on a high ground.

Here is how to set up a cable car rig:
1. Set up your tackle n tie a casting sinker to your main line.(Minimum 20lbs)
2. Cast out to about 50 meter n tighten your main line.
3. Put your rod down on the railing or rod holder.
4. Cut a 5ft Dupont line n tie one end to a snap swivel.
5. Tie the other end to a size one live bait hook.
6. Jig a live bait fish n hook it on the hook.(See above photo on how to hook a live bait without killing it)
7. Clip the snap swivel onto your main line near to the rod tip.
8. Lift up your rod tip high so that the live bait can slide down into the water.
9. Tighten your main line again n set your drag.

That all you need to do n do not go far away as if there is any hook up you need to strike to set the hook deep in. Once the hook is set, wind in the line until you feel the tension. Do another strike if you want to comfirm the hook set. From there you can carry on the normal fight. Remember, never loosen the line at any time during the fight. It will cost you the fish been lost.

How to Tie a Cable Car Rig


1) Cut out a 5ft long dupont 30lbs or 40lbs line.

2) Tie a live bait hook at one end. Slide one or two(up to your choice) size 1 beak hook onto the dupont line.


3) Tie the other end of the dupont line to a snap swivel


4) Clip the snap swivel onto the main line near to the rod tip.


5) Show the three hook onto the live bait near to the top dorsal fin


Above photo show a complete set of a Cable car rig added a small clip sinker in between. The sinker will help the rig to settle down faster.

Type of fishes that can caught by cable car rig(a water surface rig)

Queen Fish


Wolf Herring


Gar Fish