Types of Fishes found along Singapore Shoreline

Barramundi or “Kim bak Lor” or “Siakap”


Wild barramundi is a great fighter. It seldom move around like other fishes. It like to ambush near concrete structure like river mouth or under a jetty pillar. They are quite choosy on bait. Most of the time they like to attack only on live bait like prawn or small fishes. Their feeding time is mostly during neap tide or calm water condition. 
Tackle: It all depend on where U fish. If U are at a break water stone, a short sturdy rod n reel with good drag is sufficient. However if U are fishing from a jetty or river mouth, a long 12ft rod is needed as this fish habit is they will take your bait n run for cover. U need this long rod to guide them out from the structure.
Method: Two hook on a short snood bottom feeder rig work best. Extra hook snood will increase chances of snagging when this fish went for cover.
Bait: Live prawn with big red eye is the best. Other like live mullet or rebok with active swimming around will attract this predator.
Fighting technic: This fish when hook will leap up from the sea surface n do a acrobatic jump. It may repeat a few time before tiring down. U have to maintain a tight line between your rod tip n the fish all the while. Any slack line will gave the fish a chance to cut your line with their sharp gill cover or unhook it during the jump up.         

Diamond Travelly or “Chermin”or “Ikan Chermin” 


Chermin is a strong fighter fish which love clear water condition. It can come very close to the shore or just right  below the sea wall. So U don’t need long distance casting to target them. It is a daytime feeder fish n are seldom caught at night.
Tackle: A set of medium size rod n reel with good working drag n loaded with 20lbs mono line work.
Method: A two hook short snood bottom feeder rig or commonly know as apollo rig. Hook size should not bigger than size one. This fish like clear water condition.
Bait: Live prawn is best while prawn meat also work well.
Fighting technic: Once hookup, let the fishes run until it stop n than start to pump up gently. Do not strike too hard or pump too hard as most of the time the hook is just hook on the side of the fish mouth which is quite soft n easy to tear.


Stingray or “Han her”or” Pari”


Stingray has a few types. The most common one is the long tail brown stingray. It is a bottom feeder. It can come very close to shoreline under low water condition. Sometime it may just lying below a sandy patch to rest. Night time is the most active time as they prey for food. A very strong fighter. It can grow to up to 100kg depend on the types. To catch it, use a long snood bottom feeder rig with big bait big hook. Once its hook up, normally it will try to run to deeper water. The initial run will be very powerful. Do not over lock your reel drag as it may cause line break.

Queen Fish or “Sam Poh Kong”or “Talang”


Queen fish is a surface predator. It station at places with strong current flow preying for small fishes. Its another strong fighter if hook. It will do several acrobatic jump from the water surface before doing deep diving downward to run away. The five finger mark on the side of it body is it logo. To catch it, use a live bait cable car rig.


Cobia or “Hai loi”or “Auran Tasik”


Cobia in Singapore is consider as another surf caster game fish. Not only it is rare to catch. It is a very strong mid water fighter when this fish grow above 10kg. Its always do a acrobatic jump on water surface when hook and will swim inward floating up. Many jetty angler get fool by it and most line get cut when the fish power in below the jetty. The fish is full of tasty meat with only a main back bone. To catch it, use a long snood bottom feeder rig.


Shovelnose Shark or “Loy Pun Sua”or “kemanjan”


Shovelnose shark is another rare and surf caster game fish. A very strong bottom feeder fish. It will fight by shaking it head and leap up water surface when hook. This fish will fight to it end especially those big one above 15kg. It also full of meat on the body and only a main back bone. It is a dream fish to catch for many angler. To catch it, use a long snood bottom feeder rig.

Wolf Herring or “Saito her”or Ikan Parang”


Wolf Herring is a surface predator. It move along with the current flow. It strike hard on live bait fish and some time may leap out of water surface. Our shoreline water only got size up to few kilo. So it is not a strong fighter. Meat taste nice but full of “Y”shape bone. To catch it you need a live bait cable car rig.

Gar Fish or “Take Long Song”or Ikan Todak”


Gar fish is the most common surface predator fish found in our water here. It follow bait fish swim around and strike when chances come. It grow up to few kilo in size but mostly are smaller. Body full of bone and didn’t taste nice. It can caught by using a live bait cable car rig.

Baracudda or “Swa Koon”or “Ikan 


Baracudda is a all rounded predator. It can strike bait on the water surface or chase bait fish and dive deep down to the bottom of the sea bed. It love bait that are struggling. Not a powerful fighter but it will jump up above water surface when hook. Not a very tasty fish. To catch it use a long snood bottom feeder rig during strong current flow.


Grouper or “Gao her”or “Ikan Kerapu”


Grouper is a deep bottom feeder. Stay near to rocky structure and hiding in hole waiting for food. It is more active when current is slow. Bigger one will test your tackle to the limit when hook. A very tasty fish. To catch it, use a bottom feeder rig and place it near structure or rocky area.


Coral Trout or “Ang Gao”or Ikan Kerapu Merah”


Coral Trout is a member of the grouper family. But it stay near to coral area. Habit is the same as the grouper. It is a rare fish and taste as nice as the grouper.

Fingermark Snapper or “Ang Cho Kee”or “Ikan Ungah Tanda”


Fingermark snapper stay near to hard bottom sea bed. Those that are above a kg in size more often are called “Ang Cho”. This is the fish that most angler love to catch. A very tasty fish, but hard to catch as it is very choosy on bait. It love fresh squid and often decline those that not fresh bait presented. To catch it, use a two hook short snood bottom feeder rig.

Red Snapper or “Ang Koi”or “Ikan Merah”


Red snapper is part of the bottom feeder snapper family. It often stay more in deep water area and come in whole school. Meat is not as tasty and it less choosy on bait. Another angler favorite fishes. To catch it, use a two hook short snood bottom feeder rig.

Sweet Lip or “Kaci”or “Ikan Kaci”


Sweet lip is a coastal area bottom feeder. It often turn up on river mouth. Not a very tasty fish but still angler love it. To catch it, use a two hook bottom feeder rig.


Golden Travelly or “Boon Nang”or “Ikan Sagai”


Golden Travelly is a day active bottom feeder. It like to stay near to structure or rocky area. It fought hard when hook. A powerful fish. Live prawn as bait is their favorite.


Threadfin or “Ngo Her”or “Ikan Kurau”


Threadfin is a seasonal fish. It is a mid water to surface fish. It feed and move during a strong current flow. Meat is tasty.

Giant Herring or “Teck Ngoh”or “Ikan SuSu”


Giant herring is a cousin fish of the threadfin. But the body is more bone and don’t taste nice. It also feed during a strong current flow. Another fish that will jump out of the water surface when hook.

Black Tip Shark or “Oh Swa”


Blacktip shark is a deep water bottom feeder. Very rare in Singapore water. Meat is tasty and body is full of meat. A very strong fighter if hook.

Nurse Shark or “Ci Leng Swa”


Nurse shark is a bottom feeder. It stay most of the time near to the sea bed. It fought hard when hook.


Bamboo Shark

bamboo shark

Bamboo shark is one type of the shark family. The different is the strap patch on it body. Another bottom feeder.

Marine Catfish or “Seng Her”or Ikan Duri”


Marine cat fish is a year round fish in our water. A deep bottom feeder that eat whatever come along. A strong fighter if the size is big. Most of the time come in big school. Bait with strong smell attract them.

Mullet or “Or her”or “Ikan Pranak”


Mullet is a surface fish. A shy fish that will stay along river mouth or breakwater stone. A very sensitive fish and not easy to catch.

Spanish Mackeral or “Tapan her”or “Ikan Tapan”


Spanish Mackeral is a very rare fish here. A surface predator mostly stay at deep water area and feed during a strong current flow. Meat is very tasty to eat. A cable car rig under strong current with live bait is the way to catch it.

Flat Head or “Kaka her”or Ikan Kaka”


Flat head is a bottom feeder. Most of the time stay at the sea bed. The meat is as good as grouper. Any sea food bait they will take. When caught beware of the top back fin. Very sharp.

Conger Eel or “Kim Mua”or Ikan Malong Emas”


Conger eel is a mid to bottom feeder. This is a season fish. Most of the time it appear from the month of November to February. Not a strong fighter but will struggle hard when about to surface. It teeth is super sharp. Meat can be eaten and some use it to make fish ball.


Big Mouth Catfish or “Ta sui ching” or “Ikan Germang”


Big mouth cat fish is a bottom feeder. It feed most of the time during strong current flow. The meat is tender and soft if you know how to cook it. Beware of the back and dorsal fin.

Golden Drum or “Kim Cho”or “Ikan Gerut”


Golden Drum is a mid to bottom feeder. It like to stay more on deeper water. Very rare you able to catch them from the shore. Squid, prawn or worm bait attract it.

Sickle fish or “Chow Si”or “Ikan Perut”


Sickle fish is mid to bottom feeder fish that come close to shallow water  area. It like sea worm and prawn meat. Use small hook to target them. It like to hold shelter behind structure where current flow is slower.

White Bream or “Wanbe”


White bream is a shallow water fish. It like to stay around river mouth or breakwater stone. Sea worm and prawn meat is their favorite.

Red Bream or “Angkoli”


Red bream is a deep water bottom feeder. From shore line it hard to catch them. If have also very small size.

Golden Promfet or “Kim Jheo”


Golden promfet is not a local fish. This fish was imported from other country and was release by religious group into our sea.


Puffer fish or “Her Tun”or “Ikan Buntai”


Puffer fish is a bottom feeder and it has many types. It is a poisonous fish if don’t know how to cut it. So advice is to release it if you ever caught one.

Yellow Stripe or “Huang Diao”or “Tee Boon”


Yellow stripe is a bottom feeder who stay more on deeper water.


Round Travelly or “Pei her”


Round Travelly is a mid to bottom feeder.

Rabbit Fish or “Peh Tor Her”


Rabbit fish is a bottom feeder fish which like to stay near structure or coral area. It feed only in the day and can be caught with small hook. One of it favorite food is sea weed.


Emperor fish or “Leng Chiam”


This is a bottom feeder. It also like to stay near structure. A strong fighter if caught by light tackle.

Ribbon Fish or “Tua lew”or “Ikan Langai”


Ribbon fish is a mid water to surface predator. It appear mostly at night near to structure with light and ambush for any bait fish that swim by. Meat is very tasty to eat.

Yellow Tail Scad or “Ikan Selar”


Yellow tail scad is a season fish. Only certain time it will come in school near to the jetty. You able to caught them by using the tamban rig.




Scad or “koon leng”or “Ikan Kunning”


Scad is a year round fish at the jetty. But only certain time of the year the size is bigger. One of the best bait fish around.


Kam Hong her or Ikan Kambong


Kambong is a season fish at the jetty also. Not every time you able to get them.


Night Herring or “Tua Bak”


Night herring come near to the jetty under the light. You only able to get it when night fall. some call it night tamban. It is a good night bait for target big fishes.


Sole fish  or “Leng Ci”


Sole is a bottom feeder. It mostly stay at the sea bed. A very tasty fish to eat.

Brown Eel or “Cha Mua”or “Malong”


Brown eel is a bottom feeder. Mostly caught are small one around one to two feet long. This six footer is a rare one that appear at the jetty once in a season.


Toad fish or”Ku Ku”or “Ikan Ku ku”


Toad fish is a bottom feeder that stay near rocky area. The appearance look ugly  but the meat taste nice if you know how to cook it.

Eel Tail Catfish or “Torsat”or “Ikan similang”


Eel tail cat fish is a bottom feeder that stay at muddy area. Be careful of it three poisonous sting one on the back and two on the side if you happen to catch one.


Spotted Eel or “Mua-her”


Spotted eel is a bottom feeder that stay near rocky structure or the sea bed. It will coil up to your fishing line when hook.


Herring or “Ikan Tamban”



Lobster or “Longsia”


Crayfish or “Hay-po”



Flower Crab “Hua Xia”or “Ungah Kertam”



Mud Crab or “Pang-Xia”or ” Kertam”



Green Eye Squid or “Chay Bak”



Cuttle Fish or “Bak Tao”or “Sotong Kata”



Octopus or “Chang yu”



Arrow squid or”Mer Yu”or “Wu Chay”or “Sotong”