Slim knot to join Braided line to Mono Leader

I had been using this simple knot to join a braided line to my mono leader for my big game surf fishing. This slim knot that easily cast through the rod tip without any friction had not fail me so far. Even if there is a snag on rough ground and I had to use hand to pull it free. It is always my mono leader that break and gave way. What you need to do is tie it carefully and make sure the knots is really tight.

Right side is braided line and left is mono leader


Make a loop on the leader about 7cm and hook it to something that can pull tight.


Get the loose end braided and went though the mono loop from bottom up about 10cm


Turn the braided on the mono loop about 10-12 round tight.


Turn the braided back over the loop about 5-6 round tight.


Get the braided end to go through the mono loop from Top to bottom.


Pull both braided together and slowly push the knot toward the end of the mono loop


Pull both braided and the mono leader together really tight


Now pull just the braided main line and the mono leader tight(To confirm the knot)


Use a long nose plier to grip hold of the loose end braided and pull really tight ( Confirm the knot)


Trim off the leader loose end close to the knot


Trim off the braided loose end close to the knot


Now a slim join knot has done. Pull both line again tight to confirm the knot doesn’t gave way.


Why need to join a braided to a mono leader ?

Nowadays reels are getting smaller due to have braided line low diameter. But for surfcasting, the power of casting out is so great that you need a strong mono leader to take the shot during casting. Especially those who use multiplyer. Mono leader is more smooth during casting and it don’t absorb much salt water like braided. Another advantage is you only need to change the mono leader after many usage instead of change the whole spool of braided line.

How long is the mono leader ?

Its all depend on individual choice. some prefer just a short one like 10-20 meter. For me I use 100 meter. So I only need to change this mono leader after certain usage.

What is the prefer poundage for mono leader ?

For surfcasting, minimum is 50lbs or 0.60mm diameter.