A Night on the Shore with Shark

Date: 14-08-2004    Time:10.30pm to 2.00am

With the south eastern wind blowing rapidly, I actually decided not to fish tonight. But after joining my family dinner outing, I changed my mind. I decided to try out a spot facing the  Southwest. Armed with a box of frozen squid which I had store in my fridge,.I made my move. It was 10.30pm when I arrived there,  the tide had turn down with fast current flow. With a slight wind coming from the left side, the water looked calm and was perfect for fishing. While I was setting up my tackle, an angler, not far away, had already started to catch some fishes. First was a small spot snapper followed by a eel type catfish. He was using worm as bait. On seeing this, I  knew the timing was right n fish had started to feed. Quickly I cast out a whole squid on my fixedspool tackle. Then followed by my multiplyer set. Both are on a single hook bottom feeder rig. Nearing  to 11pm, I saw some movement on the tip of my fixedspool set, followed  by a strong bend on the rod with some line running out. Quickly i pick up and strike. Yes, a hook up and it was struggling strongly. I had to make several hard pump to bring it up to the surface as the water was quite deep there. When surface,  I realised it was a dog shark. It made some strong wriggling with its  body and tail on the sea surface splashing the water up. It took me awhile to tame the fellow before I lifted  it up with my rod. After photographing, I tried  to take out the hook but found that it was deeply hooked. There was no way I could take it out without harming  it. Not too long after this, the angler who caught fish earlier had  a strong hook up. He fought steadily with his telescopic rod. Unfortunately, when the fish was near, it made a final dive and managed to cut the 15lbs leader. Then about 1am,  my multiplyer set line loosen. I struck and wound in another dog shark which is half the size of the first one. What a shark night! I called it off when it was 2am. 


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