Gar Fish n Spotted Mackerel

Date: 27-12-2020 Time: 1310-1325 hrs Rig: Cable car/ Slide down live bait Bait: Live herring

Last evening I skip the night trip. This morning weather was good so headed down. Tide was on it way down and current was strong. Jig for live bait and only got few. So decide both rods all go on cable car rig to save short of live bait.

Around 1.10pm…I saw my fixed spool set rod tip rattle…knowing that it could be a gar fish taking, I wait until it tug hard on the rod then i strike. Wind it back and use the rod to lift it up.

Few minutes later after unhook the Gar fish n take picture, my multiplier set reel alarm screech…I strike hard and feel some weight. Wind back slowly and up come a Spanish Mackerel. It was just slightly hook below the jaw. So I use a gaff to bring it up.

Early Christmas Present.

Date: 21-12-2020 Time: 2230hrs Rod: Penn Slammer 9 ft. Brown Reel: CTS 12000

Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder Bait: Fresh Herring

The evening weather was good. I decided to go for a short trip hoping to meet Santa Clause to get my Christmas present earlier.

Reach there the jetty was empty so I setup two sets of tackles. One on spinning and the other on multiplier. Quickly jigged for some live bait and casted out. Tide was on its way down with smooth current flow.

My friend Johnny Kor joined me awhile later. He used squid as bait and it always finish when wound up to check. I used fresh herring as bait and was quite lasting.

Nothing happen until around 10.30pm. When we were chatting, I heard sound of something rubbing against the jetty railing. I turned around to look at my rod and the tip was bending downward with my line running out. Quickly I rushed forward pickup the rod and strike…Yes fish on…It keep taking my line out with the reel spool spinning at high speed. I had to few time adjust and tighten the drag to slow down the spool rotating. The fish stopped for awhile and I quickly pump n pump to lift it off the seabed. After some hard struggle, I was on the winning side. I slowly get it up to the water surface when it was nearer to the jetty. Johnny was ready with the gaff and he brought it up. Almost 11kg when we weighed it.

Queen Fish

Date: 13-12-2020 Time:1225 hrs Rod: Penn Slammer 9 ft. Brown Spinning Reel: CTS 12000

Rig: Cable car or Slide down rig. Bait: Live herring

Last night raining so didn’t fish. This morning weather look good so headed down. Tide was almost full and current already start change direction. Set up a spinning set on cable car rig and another multiplier set for bottom rig.

Jig hard for live bait and only got one in the beginning. Quickly slide it down on the spinning set. Manage to jig another two for the bottom rig. After this can’t get any live bait no matter how hard i try.

No choice stop for awhile and take my early lunch. Finish and while i was resting ….I saw my spinning rod the tip ripple…went forward and before i able to take the rod, the reel scream….fish took the bait and run out..I strike hard…yes fish on…It keep running for awhile and it really excited me especially you see the spinning spool spin.

It stop and i start gain line back. I manage to surface it while almost near the jetty. Queen didn’t do any surface jump this time. A regular angler there come over to help hold my rod and I grab hold of my ready gaff and bring it up. Almost 3 kg in weight.

Barracuda and Fingermark Snapper

Date: 05-12-2020 Time: 1910 Rod: Penn Slammer 10.6ft white Reel: Shimano Torium 20 Rig: Long snood bottom feeder Bait: Frozen Tamban

Decide to go for a night trip after the Saturday rain stop. I bring along few tamban which i had jig during the day late morning trip. It was not crowded at the jetty as i think due to the strong cold wind blowing from the north east after the afternoon rain.

Tide was still on the way down with good current flow. Set up my tackle and cast out. About half n hour later while i was having my dinner, my reel screech a few time. I pickup the rod and strike..can see a fish jump up from the water surface. I slowly reel in the line and a good size barracuda appear on the water surface. Take a quick look at the fish and it was deeply hook on the conner of it mouth. I ask my friend Simon to grab hold of my line leader and haul it up. Estimate it weigh near to 3 kg.

Just few minutes later, we heard another reel screech…It was Daniel reel. He strike the rod and slowly wind back. Surface up was a good size fingermark snapper almost 1 kg. Again it was Simon who grab hold of the line and pull it up. Daniel bait used was also a fresh tamban.

Marine Cat fish

Date: 18-11-2020 Time: 2130 hrs Rod: Penn Slammer 9 ft. Fixed spool Reel: Pro Beros 12000 spinning Rig: Long snood bottom feeder Bait: Fresh Kunning fish

Went for a short trip for fishing n squid catching. Tide was on the way up when this fish took my bait. The bait was caught by a squid which i had scoop up together. As it is fresh, i decide to use it as bait. It is also the opening catch for this spinning tackles set that i had pair up.


Date: 25-10-2020

Bernard Tan landed this almost 2kg Grouper with fresh squid as bait when the down tide is about to end. Rod is a three pcs joint Japanese surf rod pair with a Daiwa SL30H reel. Rig is long snood bottom feeder.


Date: 24-10-2020

My friend Jamie Baba caught this 2kg cobia early morning today. He use a 10.6ft Penn Slammer pair with a Daiwa SL50H reel.

Queen Fish on first bait

Date: 18-08-2020 Time: 1930 hrs Rod: Penn Power stick 10ft. Reel: Shimano Torium 20 Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder Bait: fresh Herring(Tamban)

As usual went for a short trip. Tide is on the way up. Current is smooth and the bait is lasting. Tonight I only cast one rod out as i also catching arrow squid so don’t want to be too busy.

Before the last light manage to jig some fresh bait to use. Ah Boy come along to catch squid but didn’t fish. I told him the water is nice and the bait lasting so chances is great for fishing.

While chatting with him, suddenly my reel alarm sounded…I pickup the rod to strike…fish on…quite heavy but not that big…I ask him to prepare my gaff.

The fish was moving around so i know it is not a stingray but i can’t tell what fish is it. It just struggle hard and follow the current flow. I just keep gaining back line and the fish move close to the jetty. It try hard wanted to go below the jetty but I lift my rod upward to prevent it. Finally it surface up. Queen fish…It didn’t jump off the water surface due to my heavy sinker.

Ah Boy do a fast gaff on it and haul it up. It weigh 5.4 kg.

Pre National Day Reward

Date: 07-08-2020 Time: 2040 hrs Rod: Penn Powerstick 10.6ft Reel: Shimano Torium 20 Rig: Long snood Bottom Feeder Bait: Fresh Tamban

Tonight start the long weekend as this Sunday will be our National day and follow by Monday will be a public holiday.

Went there around 6pm and the place is already crowded as Singapore has lots of anglers. Our island are surrounded by water, so shore fishing is naturally become a common hobby. Fishing is also a survival skill and who know you might need it one day when time are bad and food are rare. Especially where most of our food depend on import.

Tide was on the way up when i cast down my bottom bait. It last quite awhile and this are sign of a likely chance of hitting a fish bite.

True enough, around 2040 hrs, my reel screech with the line slake. I pickup the rod and strike….Yes…fish on…you can feel a weight at the end of the line. I slowly wind in and it struggle along the way. When surface, a grouper was in sight. I ask my friend to grab hold of my squid net and scoop it up. Estimate it weigh around one kg plus.