2kg Threadfin

Date: 19-05-2023. Time:20.00hrs. Rod: Penn Slammer 9ft. Reel : EA 12000. Bait; Fresh herring.

Reach there around 6pm. Still got day light so quickly jig for some fresh tamban. Was surprised as just few anglers around as compare to other Friday evening.

When night fall, I am the only angler there. Tide was up coming and the southern wind was strong. Water was choppy.

Around 20.00hrs, suddenly i saw my rod tip bend and follow by a screech on the reel alarm. I strike hard on the rod. Feel some heavy at the line end. Great..fish on…i wind back the line slowly….a threadfin appear on the water surface…i steer it close to my squid light and ask a men who was walking around to help grab my squid net and scoop it up.

Fingermark Snapper

Date: 19/03/2023. Time: 2245 hrs. Rod: Penn Slammer 9ft. Reel: EA12000 spinning. Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder. Bait: Fresh night herring.

The tide full tonight around 2258 hrs. I just can’t resist the opportunity so decided to go for a short trip. To my surprise, the night herring was not biting as last night. After some hard work, i manage to get just eight pcs for my two sets of tackle.

Luckily, bait casted out was lasting and the reward come just few minutes to full tide. I was chatting with friend when i saw my rod rattle. I strike the rod hard and feel a fish was at the bottom end. Winding back slowly, i told my friend to get the landing net and lower down to the water surface. I drag the fish into the net and pull it up. It weighs slightly over a kg on the scale.

Lobster and Golden Eel

Date: 18-03-2023.

Hookup a good size lobster last nite on my bottom feeder rig with a fresh night herring as bait while the tide had full and current flow slow down. I saw my line slack a bit and decide to check on it. After a hard strike, i feel something struggling at the end. My mind thought was another eel which my friend Bernard Tan had landed one earlier. I carefully wind in the line and we saw a lobster about 450g size surface up. Friend Clayton Peh grab his scooping net and bring it up.

Hard work rewarded.

Date: 13/01/2023

We fish together last night. But I and another two left at 0300 am this morning. Left both of them continue…

Ohno got his 800 grouper around 5am on his surf rod. Simon Yeo found his parrot fish at the home ground.


Date: 06-01-2023

Friend Wong Poh caught this almost 500g grouper with handline last night at the grouper residential area beside we were caught off guard by a sudden passing shower.

My First Fish for Year 2023

Date: 05-01-2023. Time: 2315 hrs. Rod: Penn Slammer 9 ft. Reel: EA 12000 Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder. Bait: Fresh Night Herring.

Went for a short night trip just to fish on the up coming tide. As I went after sun set, I had to jig for the night herring as bait instead of the day type.

Current was strong tonight due to the full moon. Bait was lasting. It was already almost full tide and I had started to pack up my squid lamp when i heard my reel sounded. I grab hold of the rod n strike hard…Yes..fish on. After few pumping, i am gaining line. The fish struggle along the way back n i got the feeling of a cat fish at end of the line. True enough, it surface up and it was a rare golden cat fish instead of the normal marine cat fish. My friend Jumbo Li help me to hold the rod while I grab for the rope gaff. It weight 4.2kg. I released it back after photo taking n it swim away very fast.


Date: 30-12-2022. Time: 2045 hrs. Bait: Defrost squid.

Year 2022 is coming to the end. Simon Yeo and me decide to catch our last fish for the year.

He succeeded and got this 1.2kg Threadfin Salmon. As the downtide current flow were strong, the fish took his squid bait and went unnoticed. Its only when I saw his line gone with the flow of the current that i told him to check. Eventually he wind in the fish and use his rod to haul it up.