Barracuda on Bottom Feeder Rig

Date: 17-09-2005   Time: 11.45pm    Rod: Daiwa Long Cast Design 12ft.    Reel: Abu 7000 Red Classic    Line: 25lbs mono   Rig: Single hook long snood bottom feeder.   Bait: Frozen squid     Hook: S/S Long shank 4/0.

As usual, my friday night spent on collecting baits and saturday night is to go fish hunting. Reach spot around 7.30pm and the tide was already midway up. The current was smooth and sea surface was calm. Set up two rods on bottom feeder rig with squid as bait. Bait was very lasting and hardly need to change it. This gave me lots of comfident of landing something tonight. Nothing happen until 10.45pm when the tide start to turn down. I saw my loomis rod tip has some movement. Strike n wind in a palm size fingermark snapper. This show me sign that the feeding period has begin. Quickly change fresh bait and cast out. Sure enough, at 11.45pm, my Daiwa rod bent n the reel alarm scream. Pickup n strike, yes, something heavy at the end of the line. This fish fought well with some strong left n right struggle when I try to surface it. Initially thought it was a big fingermark snapper. But when it surface, it was a barracuda about 2kg plus. It make lots of splash n jump on the water surface before I able to tame it. Try to lift it up with my rod but was too heavy and I have to use my hand to grab on my leader to bring it up. Quite a surprise to me for this fish to take my bottom feeder rig as this prediator normally roam around mid to surface water level. By now the current was at full flow. Rebait and cast out again. After the tide change, the bait is no lomger lasting. Every wind back need to top up the bait. I fish until around 2am n decide to packup.


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