Nice 2.2kg Fingermark Snapper Caught.

Date: 12-11-2005  Time: 2330hrs   Rod: Loomis Franklin Big Game 12ft.   Reel: Shimano Calcutta 400S    Line: 20lbs mono.   Rig: Long snood bottom feeder    Hook: Long Shank size 4/0     Bait: Overnight fresh squid.

It didn’t rain in the afternoon n the tide was early full around 8.30pm. It also has a good smooth current flow after the tide turn down. Everything look very promising for a good night shorefishing. Armed with a box of overnight fresh squid, I meet Ron around 7.30pm at the beach. Each of us casted out two rod with long snood bottom feeder rig as after the tide turn, it has quite a good current flow.

Around 10pm plus, a angler nearby landed a good size dog shark. It also show the feeding period has started. Without saying, all rods were change with new bait. Fifteen minute later, a small palm size fingermark snapper caught by another member of the group. Haha.. 2-0 down again. Sadly to say is by now all our bait casted out are very lasting n yet no fish bite.

11.30pm, suddenly I saw one of my rod the line gone loose. Hehe..strike n yes! got it. It struggle tremendously to dive downward. I know it quite sizable as I have to pump my rod hard to bring it up. It only after numerous up pump n down dive that I manage to surface it. Wow! it look big on water surface. After landed, I tied it in the water as it still early to packup. We try hard to level the score difference but was not successful. Haha… already 3am n with some lighting flash appear on the skyline, we call it off.



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