Golden Travelly

Date: 31-12-2006  Time: 10.10am

It was the last day of the year. Was hopping to catch something before the year end but after some hard work still not result, Those queenie gang that turn up yesterday has been gone. But with some luck, I still manage to fight this golden travelly on other people rod. hahaha… It all happen like this. This middle age man just shifted his rod to where I am n rig a live tamban down. He then goes to jig for tamban leaving his rod unattended.

Suddenly his rod bended n line was running out. I look around for him but just couldn’t find. Without thinking, I pick up the rod n fight. The fish didn’t make a acrobatic jump so I know it cannot be a queenie or garfish. It keep at the bottom all the while when I reel in. Was thinking it could be a grouper but it turn out to be a GT. Quite suprise to me actually. I ask another guy to help to hold the rod as I went to get my gaff to bring it up. The rod owner was very surprise when he return to find the fish on the floor.


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