National Day Award

DATE: 09-08-2007     TIME: 0900am.    ROD: Penn Powergraph Surf 12ft     REEL:Penn Senator 113HLW    LINE: 30lbs mono    RIG: Long Snood Bottom Feeder      BAIT: Tamban and Tuabak.

Today is my country Singapore 42th national day and it was a public holiday. So yesterday night after work when for a short trip. Reach jetty around 8.30pm. Hon n Chuan was already there waiting for me. Tide is on the down side with fast current flow. Setup my tackle n cast out quickly. Chatting around with them as I didn’t catch squid tonight.

Holiday eve award.

Haha….around 10pm plus, I heard a alarm sounded but was thinking a little boy was playing with his reel. Didn’t do anything until he come n tell me there is alarm sounded. Quickly went to my rod n take alook, Wow!!!!….the line already flowing along with the current…hoho…quickly pickup n strike. Yes…heavy at the end of the line n can feel the fish is struggling. Easily wind back with my powerful reel n saw it was a threadfin when it surface. Without delay, I use my rod to lift it up….yes….it hit the scale at 1.3kg. Hoho…everybody around was so envy…Me got my first award tonight. Continue to fish until 1.00am n packup to get some rest.


National day award

Wakeup around 6.30am when Hon come calling. Situp n look at the sky…hoho…full of rain cloud…I tell him its going to rain. True enough after fifteen minute, the rain keep pouring….Haha…back to my mobil home to sleep. Hon call me again when the rain stop at 8.00am. We quickly headed in to the jetty as the tide is coming to full very soon. Setup n casted out. Bait was very lasting. Went to jig for tamban n back with only two live one. Was trying to put up the cable car rig when my senator reel alarm went off. haha…shiok…..throw everything in hand down n pickup the rod to strike….Yoooooo….heavy mannnnn….It didn’t jump but was taking line n going side way. Have a glance at it when it come quite near to the surface n saw some yellowish color.. hoho…could it be a golden travelly again…I wonder ?? Saw Lk come over so I ask him to take over my rod n I can go n fixed my gaff. LK fought for awhile before surface it n it was a queenfish…haha…by now my gaff is ready n I just gaff it up. It tip the scale at 3.8kg. Wow!!!!!…I had double awards on this national day. Hahaha…..


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