Conger Eel

DATE: 07-10-2007     TIME: 0030am     ROD: Penn Slammer 10ft.    REEL: Penn 500L Jigmaster      LINE: 30lbs mono     RIG: Long snood bottom feeder     BAIT: Frozen Tamban (herring)

Went to the jetty late yesterday night. Reach there around 10pm. Tide is already halfway down. Current was fast. Although it was a saturday night but it was not crowded. Quickly set up my squid lamp n casted out my rod. Bait was quite lasting. Hardly need to change after few check.

Squid was rare even though there is no strong surface wind. Sky has gather some rain crowd n lightning flash but overall look ok. Around 0030hrs I saw my line was flowing downtide quite badly. Thinking it was caught on with some rubbish n was drag downtide by the current. I decide to wind back to check. Upon pumping up the rod I feel quite heavy at first. But after some winding of line I feel something struggling at the end. I know I have hookup something. Winding slowly back, a conger eel surface on the water. Hahaha…my second eel within two weekend. Use my rod to lift it up. It look about near to 2kg in weight.


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