Flying Kite in the Water

DATE: 25-11-2007      TIME: 1130hrs      ROD: Penn Slammer 10ft.      REEL: Penn Beachmaster 155L        LINE: 30lbs mono.      RIG: Cable car       BAIT: Live Tamban(Herring)

It was almost one month I didn’t landed any fishes. Weather nowadays was quite unpredictable. But yesterday night weather was fine. Went there around 7pm. Casted out one rod and spent most of the time catching squid. Bait initially was not lasting. Halfway through I decide to use a cuttle fish which I caught it on friday nite as bait to replace the tamban so that it will last longer. Taking out the shell and hook three time with my long shank hook and casted out. When the tide full, I decide to check the bait. While winding back I feel a little struggle at the end of my line. Ho…ho..One little marine catfish was tagging along. It was about 300g. Use my rod to lift it up. Well, it break my dry spell anyway…haha…Keep it to pass it to one of my friend this morning.

Went to take a rest at around 1am when the tide heading down was very slow. Wakeup around 7am this morning and head in to the jetty when my wife arrived. In fact I don’t like to fish on this morning slow current up tide but just too bad my wife wanted to fish so I just accompany her. Tamban was very rare..Whole morning only manage to hookup two pieces to use it as live bait. Bottom bait was not lasting but the cable car live bait was swimming lively. No action at all until full tide because of the slow current. By 1100am the tide was about to turn. My wife has enough of her small little catches and decide to packup. On seeing the tide turning and my lively tamban bait, I decide to hang on for alittle while as she headed home. This is the moment I have waiting for so don’t waste it. True enough, I was paid off at around 1130am. My reel has a short screech. I pickup n strike…Yessss…it onnnn. WoWWW…so heavy…..The fish make a acrobatic jump on the water surface…Ohhhhh…my sinker got snag….Hooooo….it just stuck..Decide to hang on….follow by loosen the main line…Wow…the fish make a side dash….but my sinker still get stuck….Wait alittle longer….loosen more line….By now a large weekend crowd has gather to watch. Tighten my line n pump….oh yes……the sinker has been wash free by the strong downtide current…..Hoho….I can now feel the fish is moving….It headed to the left….but very heavy leh ?….I was wonder ?….It is not very big but why so heavy at the end of my line ?  It like fighting a 10 over kilo fish…..No time to think as it was heading near the jetty… I keep on winding my line as my this reel has a slow gear ratio of 3:1. Haha… finally it surface…..and the answer is it was foul hook on the middle of the body just below the skin. Haha… no wonder so heavy….It was like flying a kite below the water. Get one of my friend to hold on the rod while I went to fix my gaff. It was about 2kg plus when landed. Hehe… it was not empty handed this month…..


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