Eat Mine U Can’t Escape

DATE: 22-06-2008    TIME: 00.30am      ROD: Penn Powergraph Surf 12ft      REEL: Penn Jigmaster 500L

LINE:30lbs mono     RIG: Long Snood Bottom Feeder     BAIT: Small Fresh Squid

It was a nice saturday night at the jetty. Not so crowded think due to the European soccer cup. Tide was smooth on the incoming period. Only thing to complaint was the strong southern wind blowing endlessly. Bait was very lasting.

Action started around 10pm. PC got his strong hookup. It was a big ray who take his line for a very long run. PC can only hang on to his rod and look. It ended with a line break. From what I see, the reason for breaking is due to the drag become too tight after the spool was 3/4 empty. To overcome this situation, the one holding the rod must know when to lower the drag if the fish has taken too much line. Without lowering, it sure end for line break as the drag is too tight and a big part of the main line will be dragging along the seabed by the fish causing alots of abrasion.

Action two started when LK reel alarm sounded. When he pickup the rod the line went slack. He wind back n strike but the fish has manage to throw out the bait. Fifteen minute later another same action happen on the same rod. Again he strike but nothing on. I think it was a barracuda work but due to his weak drag setting, the fish manage to throw out the bait before the hook able to set in.

Half and hour later a rod on my left side the alarm sounded. I went for the rod but the owner was coming so I let him pickup the rod. I told him to strike but it was too late to set the hook. The fish manage to escape. So four action has passed but none was up. It a bit not so good on the morale wise.

12.30am…it was downtide now. The current is picking up speed. Line casted out is almost at a 45 degree angle now. I was concentrated on catching squid when my reel alarm sounded. I immediately pickup and strike. YES.. it only. U take my bait U can’t escape. Haha….the fish has a good run on the initial stage. When it stop, I gave a few good pump on my rod and it was already in mid water. The strong current flow make me to have a good workout. It’s damn heavy at the end of the line. My rod n line is tested to the limit. After about 10 to 15 minute of tug of war, I manage to bring it surface. By now the fish is almost surrender and it was easily bring along the jetty and gaff up. I was praying for a double digit fish but it only hit the scale at 8.5kg. Haha….look like I have to work harder next trip.


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