Its Golden Travelly Again

Date: 22-11-2009     Time: 9am     Rod: Penn Power Stick 10ft      Reel: Shimano Torium 20      Line: 30lbs Braided     Rig: Long Snood bottom feeder     Bait: Frozen night herring(Tuabak)

Went to the jetty yesterday night when the weather change better. But stop around 12am when it drizzle again. Have a good sleep on my mobile home and wakeup 6am this morning. Going in to the jetty early morning hoping to catch some live bait. Only manage to catch two live herring. It was use on the cable car rig. For bottom fishing I have to use the frozen night herring I brought from home last night.

Luckily, the bottom bait was very lasting. This morning tide was good with a very smooth current flow. No tamban to jig so just sit around waiting. Saw Ah An was packing up after whole night without sleeping as he was alone last night. Suddenly my Shimano Torium alarm sounded. I pickup the rod and strike. Yes…fish on. It took my line and go running. I shouted for Ah An to come over as he was on the other side of the jetty. By now the fish has stop and I started to pump the rod and gain line back. It turn around and swim inward but will twist and turn downward on the way in. By now Ah An already has my gaff ready. After some struggle, I manage to bring it to surface. Suprise it was a Golden Travelly again. It look bigger and the fight is stronger than the one I caught last sunday. With a second try, An manage to gaff it up. Now the surrounding was crowded with people looking at the catch and everyone wanted to know the weight. I bring out the scale and it hit 4kg. Wow…0.2kg heavier than last sunday one.

Two Golden Travelly on two following Sunday. Its a record for me.


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