My first fish for year 2010

Date: 09-01-2010     Time: 0100am     Rod: Penn Powerstick 10ft.      Reel: Shimano Torium 20     LIne: 30lbs braided with 50lbs mono leader      Rig: Long snood bottom feeder      Bait: Fresh night herring(tuabak)      Tide: smooth current flow on up coming tide.

Reach the  jetty entrance around 6.30pm last evening and was greeted by a passing drizzle. Take cover at the shelter for awhile for the rain to pass. It take about 15 minute to clear and I headed in.

Set up one rod and casted out with a frozen dead tamban. While catching squid, a school of milk fish swim by. I manage to scoop up two to used as live bait on a cable car rig.

First check on the bait show the bottom bait was very lasting. But the cable car live milk fish has been hit on the tail part but still alive. Change to another live one and down it goes.

Not long after, the left end jetty conner  angler Ariel Shimano Torium 16 reel alarm went off. He strike but didn’t hookup. Soon after again, another Torium 16 belong to angler White also the alarm sounded and it was missed hook again. Nafi, one of the team member was joking say Torium reel no good as all can’t have a hookup. I heard it and told him hope the fish will take my torium 20.

True enough, around 1am, my reel alarm goes off. I strike and it on. I shouted to them Torium 20 hookup. Nafi and White bring along their gaff. The fish move around and I know it wasn’t a ray. It move toward the right side and very soon I surface it. It turn out to be a big queen fish. White gaff it up and it hit the scale at 5.5kg. It was  my second night queen fish at bedok jetty on a bottom feeder rig. Normally queen fish seldom feed at night.


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