My biggest wolf herring (Sai Toh)

Date; 10-03-2012    Time: 11.15am     Rod: Penn Slammer 10ft.     Reel: Shimano Torium 20      Line: 30lbs braided join with 50lbs mono      Rig: Cable Car 30lbs dupont mono      Bait: Live Herring (Tamban)

Went there around 9am. Tide was already mid way up…Current was strong…Setup two sets of tackle on bottom feeder with frozen tamban as bait. Then go jig for live bait….Only manage to caught few pieces….Quickly added two cable car rig on both rods. Continue to jig…but hardly have as the water get higher.

Around 11.15am….Dark cloud started to gather in the sky….I was washing up some item when I just happen to look into the water….Suddenly I saw a fish come up to the surface somewhere near my rod…It then make a U turn and headed for my live bait…Grab hold of it and run…..ZZZZZZZZ my reel alarm sounded….Everything just happen so fast…..I grab hold of my rod and strike….YES….It make a acrobatic jump on the water surface….WOW…WOLF Herring…

It headed out to deeper water….But I started to wind back….Haha…easily I got it to surface….I use my rod to lift it up….1.8kg is the weight…A personnal best for me on this fish species.


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